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Wild T releases latest flavor of hard tea, Wild T Original

Brewed with green and black tea, Wild T Original refreshing hard tea is perfect for summer sipping - Photo: Turn It Up Media

Columbus, Ohio, July 18, 2023 – Wild T, a lineup of delicious hard teas with adventurous flavor profiles, releases its latest flavor – Wild T Original. At a supremely drinkable 5% ABV, it’s perfect for warm-weather occasions, like backyard grilling, poolside sipping, bonfire sitting and any other time you’re enjoying the splendor of summer.

Wild T Original is now available in six-packs of 12-ounce cans or four-packs of 16-ounce cans. Find the flavorful variety of the entire Wild T lineup, ranging from 5% ABV to 9% ABV, with flavors including Black Cherry Bourbon Barrel and Strawberry Pineapple at retailers in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, Kentucky and Connecticut.

Wild T’s hard teas feature rare flavors and the unique, refreshing tastes of all-vegan ingredients and loose-leaf green and black tea. While Wild T is well-known for its hard-tea lineup of exciting flavors, sometimes nothing beats the Original. Brewed with a blend of green and black tea, it’s an all-natural, gluten-free refresher with no artificial flavorings. The classic taste of tea is brightened at the end of each sip with a hint of lemon. Wild T Original is hard tea at its purest.

“Hard tea has never tasted quite like this,” said Wild Ohio Brewing President Joe Noll. “We brew with real tea that allows the real essence and flavor of tea to come through every sip. The color, the aroma, and the taste make Wild T a very enjoyable, easy drinking beverage.”

The perfect beverage on a hot day, Wild T Original pairs well with any classic barbecue meal, like a juicy hamburger or grilled brat; just add a slice of lemon. If you’re feeling wild, mix things up and enjoy it with something spicy, like cajun cuisine or Chinese takeout. The earthy dryness of the tea nicely complements any spicy dish.

Photo: Turn It Up Media

Ranging from 5% ABV to 9% ABV, Wild T hard teas include rare and unexpected flavors, like Black Cherry Bourbon Barrel and Strawberry Pineapple. Find Wild T’s gluten-free, vegan lineup of hard teas at a retailer near you using the Wild T finder.


About Wild T

Wild T’s delicious lineup of hard teas feature rare, refreshing flavor profiles. All Wild T flavors, including Black Cherry Bourbon Barrel (9% ABV) and Strawberry Pineapple (9% ABV) are certified gluten-free, made with all-natural, vegan ingredients and crafted by hand at the Wild Ohio Brewing Company brewery in Columbus, Ohio. Find Wild T, including its flagship flavors Black Cherry Bourbon Barrel, Peach and Strawberry Pineapple, at a retailer near you using the Wild T finder.



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