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We thrive on instigating innovative thinking and amplified anthems that resonate with your tribe. Turn It Up Media mixes proven brand strategy and communication services to authentically dial up your story.  We intimately engage the intricacies of your brand and go after your goals the way larger agencies can't. We clearly define what your brand stands for and bring new ideas and expertise in marketing strategy, communications, storytelling, media relations and innovative forms of brand expression.

"I was screaming from the mountain tops with an unregulated level of insanity and Chad was quietly saying less but saying twice as much at the same time. He got it. No one knows OB like Chad. Period.  Chad provided a calm, quiet confidence that got us through the chaos that is responsible for what OB stands for today. It would have failed without him. No doubt in my mind.

Moreover, he never bragged about his shit. (Well, there was that one time in Breck. It was a beauty.)  He let you figure it out on your own. He also wasn’t too naïve to get the fact that there was value in letting you figure it out. It meant more. The definition of humble. If I was forced to admit this cheese head taught me anything, it was that. For all of the bad calls I made, I will always be able to say that one of the best calls I ever made was Chad."

Dale Katechis - Founder of Oskar Blues Brewery & Board Member of CANarchy Craft Brewery Collective

This is a Jesse Green Inspired Jam :: #livelikeJesse

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