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Every Turn It Up jam can be broken down into four distinct phases. Each is fully equipped and customizable for individual use as needed. But like any classic vinyl record, in order to truly optimize your effort and amplify your intentions, we’re best when played start-to-finish, with each instrument playing their part. 


Each member of the Turn It Up team has proven excellence in our focus areas, but unlike other agencies, all of us have gotten our hands dirty on the brand-side and have experience in every element of the marketing world. We believe our ability to see from a higher level how each role fits together, the critical nature of deploying each in the right order, and how to actually orchestrate all of it, is what sets us apart.


Our super-curious and inquisitive deep dive style yielded a clear and insightful brand architecture, and a fresh set of brand marks and packaging that reflect this award-winning Denver brewery’s authentic roots and admirable approach.


After we completed the Brand Development and Content Creation phases for Berthoud Brewing we leveraged these assets in phase three with Go To Market sales tools, POS, campaigns and retail programming.


Collaborating with two local buddies, and beer-industry peers, to develop a brand architecture and key marks for a new brewpub in our small-town backyard was more of a treat than a task. Creating something that gritty and protective locals would embrace as their own was the challenge.

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