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From Field to Bottle: Launching Root Shoot Spirits Single Malt Whiskey

We've been collaborating with our friends at Olander Farms and Root Shoot Malting for many years. When they reached out about supporting their five year project of launching a single malt whiskey we were quick to respond...hell yes!

The Root Shoot team came to us with an aged product and chosen packaging, including bottles and printed labels. From there it was up to our collaboration to develop a strategic path to market and bring their story to life. This whiskey is their first consumer-facing effort and presented a golden opportunity to weave together the stories of Olander Farms, multigenerational and sustainable Colorado agriculture, Root Shoot Malting, and single malt whiskey into a cohesive narrative of authenticity.

Find Root Shoot Spirits Single Malt Whiskey HERE via the website we developed, pour yourself a snifter and dive into our approach and deliverables in taking their whiskey to market.


It was exciting to see the Root Shoot Spirits narrative come to life through a mix of product photography staged in the farm field, distillery, and malthouse along with studio content. Each shoot was able to authentically capture a thoughtful and beautiful piece of the overall visual story, from field to bottle. These photoshoots were strategically executed to provide story-rich imagery for their website, sales tools and POS, as well as media relations and ongoing social media efforts.

Photography: Michael Eldridge


Developing a go to market strategy and communications calendar to align us with the Root Shoot team, their distributor partner, retail accounts and earned media partners provided a clear, structured and comprehensive path to market for everyone. Seeing our diverse mix of imagery support their strong brand narrative was a pleasure. You can see the story come to life in their website, sales tools, POS materials, earned media placements and ongoing social media content.

Photography & Design: Michael Eldridge / Website Development: Jeremy Farmer

Understanding the multitude of challenges, responsibilities and distractions distributors and retailers face every day, we develop clear, concise, and complementary sets of tools that: (a) assist the sales team every time they walk in the door, (b) serve as all-encompassing informational leave-behind pieces when buyers and key stakeholders aren't available, and (c) function as easy-to-produce and versatile pieces that make an impact in high-visibility locations in any kind of retail account.


Employing an advanced outreach embargo strategy with a focus in the Colorado market was an important piece of the communications calendar. Leveraging the intentional imagery to complement the story of Root Shoot, including the beloved craft malthouse and their 5th generation Olander Farms (led by Root Shoot Malting founder and farmer Todd Olander), we were able to secure a mix of Colorado consumer and industry earned media placements to drive awareness of their authentic brand narrative. Read the initial press release HERE.

Media Relations: Helen Anderson & Jules Cuccurullo

Behind Turn It Up Media's work, led by Helen Anderson, we are beyond excited to have Todd Olander included in the Imbibe 75 list of people and places shaping the way we drink.

The inclusion, written by Joshua M. Bernstein explores Todd's work leading the 5th generation, 112-acre Olander family farm in Loveland, CO as well as Root Shoot Malting that supplies the Rocky Mountain region with craft malt and grains. Root Shoot is working to ensure that farmland remains available to grow grains for the beers and spirits of tomorrow through its conservation easement with Colorado Open Lands. While Root Shoot has been innovating the supply chain for craft brewers and distillers with a unique focus on sustainable agriculture since its launch 2016, Olander launched a new venture in 2023 that has been gaining national attention: Root Shoot Spirits.

Root Shoot released its first ever spirit, made with 100% Colorado grown and sown ingredients, in August 2023. As an extremely limited release, Root Shoot American Single Malt Whiskey (50% ABV) was five years in the making. From field to bottle, the bottled-in-bond American Single Malt Whiskey travels only about 30 miles, representing a uniquely hyper-local and sustainable supply chain journey.

“It’s really an honor to be considered by Imbibe this year,” said Olander. “We’re super proud of Root Shoot Whiskey. It’s Colorado in a bottle, and it is awesome to bring that story and our state, which has such a robust beverage industry, to the national stage.”

We're thankful to be part of bringing the Root Shoot story to life, and we appreciate the opportunity to Turn It Up with their first consumer-facing product. Head over to their channels, give them a high-five follow, and hit the website ( to see where you can snag a bottle. Trust us, you won't be disappointed in this award-winning whiskey experience.

A big shout out to the Turn It Up team for making it happen.


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