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From Field to Bottle: Colorado Maltsters at Root Shoot Release American Single Malt Whiskey

All ingredients for Root Shoot’s first spirits release are sourced from their 5th generation family farm, highlighting the quality of local agriculture in this close supply chain whiskey (Photo: Root Shoot Spirits / Turn It Up Media)

Loveland, Colo., Aug. 15, 2023 – Root Shoot Malting, the beloved Colorado-based craft malthouse, is excited to announce the release of its first, completely locally resourced spirit. Five years in the making, Root Shoot Spirits’ American Single Malt Whiskey (50% ABV) incorporates 100% Colorado-grown and malted grain, sourced from the 5th generation family run Olander Farms and malted by the sustainability-minded craft maltsters at Root Shoot.

From field to bottle, this bottled-in-bond American Single Malt Whiskey travels only about 30 miles, representing a uniquely hyper-local and sustainable supply chain journey. Root Shoot Whiskey will be available throughout Colorado beginning Aug. 15.

“You can’t get any more Colorado than this,” said Root Shoot Farmer and Founder Todd Olander. “Distilled just miles from Olander Farms, where its raw materials were grown, Root Shoot Whiskey is true Colorado whiskey, from our grain to your glass.”

The Root Shoot Whiskey experience starts with aromas of cobbler and honey granola. Upon first sip, clean flavors of alpine florals breeze across the palate, and the whiskey finishes with an alpenglow of rich pastry, faint cocoa dust and long, lingering bright-yet-spicy flavors.

Root Shoot’s unique take on American Single Malt Whiskey is one of local grain, a tradition of family farming, and a dedication to regenerative agriculture. 100% grown by Olander Farms and malted by Root Shoot, this whiskey is crafted from a blend of malts curated specifically for this project.

Olander Farms and Root Shoot are proud to bring you this American Single Malt Whiskey sown, grown, and malted on their 5th generation family farm in Loveland, Colo. Find it on shelves across the colorful state of Colorado starting in August.

(Photo: Root Shoot Spirits / Turn It Up Media)



Root Shoot Malting is a 5th generation family farm and craft malthouse that supplies the Rocky Mountain region with craft malt and grains. Founded by the Olander family in 2016, the farm is committed to the regenerative agriculture movement. Root Shoot harvests barley, wheat, rye, and corn to give craft brewers and distillers high-quality taste in every glass. Located on the Olander Farms’ 112-acre farm in Loveland, Colorado, and approximately 1500 leased acres, Root Shoot is working to ensure that farmland remains available to grow grains for the beers and spirits of tomorrow through its conservation easement with Colorado Open Lands. Find this craft maltster online at

Root Shoot Spirits brings Root Shoot Malting’s craft malt from grain to glass. Sown, grown, and malted in Colorado, all ingredients for Root Shoot Spirits are sourced from the 5th generation family run Olander Farms and malted by the sustainability-minded craft maltsters at Root Shoot. Root Shoot Whiskey launched August 2023 and is available throughout Colorado. Follow along at



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