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Wild T’s Growth Fueled by Investment in Refreshed Packaging,Expanded Lineup & Increased Distribution

With the launch of its latest flavor Wild T Original and new distribution partnerships, Wild T enters new markets and deepens retail footprint in six states - Photo by Turn It Up Media

Columbus, Ohio, Aug. 7, 2023 – Wild T, the lineup of delicious hard teas with enticing flavor profiles from Wild Ohio Brewing Company, reports more than 100% year-over-year sales growth through June 2023. With investments in the launch of a new flavor Wild T Original, refreshed packaging and expanded distribution, Wild T’s significant growth in 2023 is led by the brand’s flagship flavors Black Cherry Bourbon Barrel (9% ABV) and Strawberry Pineapple (9% ABV).

A new partnership with Heidelberg Distributing this year strengthened Wild T presence across Ohio, including adding points of distribution in chains like Kroger and Meijer while expanding distribution to include Kentucky. In April 2023, Wild T expanded distribution to Connecticut in a new partnership with Sarene Craft Beer Distributors and recently entered distribution in Texas with Green Light Distribution. Wild T is now at retailers in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, Kentucky and Connecticut, as well as across its home state of Ohio.

Wild Ohio Brewing President Joe Noll also joined the Wild T team in 2023 to support the brand’s investments and to lead the hard tea lineup’s distribution strategy. Noll brings more than 30 years of three-tier experience to the team, most recently serving as president of Heidelberg Distributing.

“Joining the Wild T team this year and developing a strategy for packaging, pricing, and programming that resonates with our distribution and sales partners has been an exciting opportunity,” said Noll. “Wild T’s color, aroma and mouth feel truly makes it a unique beverage that meets the needs of a wide variety of consumers. We offer a well balanced tea with 5 to 9 percent ABV and yet no strong alcohol taste.”

In addition to the significant personnel and partnership investments made this year, Wild T introduced updated marketing and branding strategies, including a complete packaging refresh for its lineup of vegan, gluten-free hard teas. The latest flavor of the lineup, Wild T Original (5% ABV), is now available in six-packs of 12-ounce cans or four-packs of 16-ounce cans following an early Summer 2023 launch.

“In addition to our new packaging and rebranding, we have added to our team to increase our brand awareness in our core market of Ohio as well as deepen our reach in both existing and new markets said Noll. “We’ve implemented an aggressive sampling program this year and are seeing an increasing rate of sale with tremendous year-over-year growth percentages.”

Ranging from 5% ABV to 9% ABV, Wild T hard teas include rare and unexpected flavors, like Black Cherry Bourbon Barrel and Strawberry Pineapple. Find Wild T’s gluten-free, vegan lineup of hard teas, including Black Cherry Bourbon Barrel and Strawberry Pineapple, at a retailer near you using the Wild T finder.


About Wild T

Wild T’s delicious lineup of hard teas feature rare, refreshing flavor profiles. All Wild T flavors, including Black Cherry Bourbon Barrel (9% ABV) and Strawberry Pineapple (9% ABV) are gluten-free, made with all-natural, vegan ingredients from Wild Ohio Brewing Company. Find Wild T, including its flagship flavors Black Cherry Bourbon Barrel, Peach and Strawberry Pineapple, at retailers in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, Kentucky and Connecticut using the Wild T finder.



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