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PRESS RELEASE: Milwaukee-based Top Note Tonic’s Growth in 2022 Fueled by Partnership and Innovation

The American-made craft beverage brand grew its portfolio and expanded distribution of its award-winning, non-alcoholic mixers last year

Milwaukee, Wis., Jan 2023 — Top Note Tonic, the American-made craft mixer brand creating delicious beverage mixers and alcohol-free beverages since 2017, launched new products, expanded distribution, and navigated a complex supply chain and economic landscape in 2022 with a focus on partnership and innovation.

Top Note Tonic crafts the most complex and layered beverage mixers on the market and continues to innovate its offerings for restaurant and bar teams as well as home bartenders. The brand launched two new products in a bag-in-box format in March 2022, including Cascara Cola and Lemon Lime.

Also in 2022, Top Note’s lineup of craft non-alcoholic mixers were served in Michelin Star and James Beard award-winning restaurants, including Chicago’s Oriole, Milwaukee’s The Diplomat and Milwaukee-based Sandford, and were awarded Best Tonic Waters, Most Unique Ginger Beer, and a Best Cocktail Mixer by Top Note is also used frequently by Julia Momosé, who is the 2022 Michelin Chicago Exceptional Cocktails Award Winner, co-owner and beverage director at Chicago’s Kumiko, and cocktail creative at Oriole.

New partnerships paved the way for the brand to increase distribution into four new markets this year with distribution in Alaska, Nebraska, Nevada, and Texas. Top Note Tonic is now available to ship online nationwide and can be found on shelves in 11 states.

Top Note worked alongside industry partners to bring innovative and complex ready-to-drink cocktail beverages to the market this past year. Top Note’s award-winning mixers were featured in Marz Brewery’s 2022 releases, including a canned Gin and Tonic and Vodka Mule.

“We love to support brands with their product development. Beverage companies looking to diversify their portfolios with delicious, high-quality mixed drinks and collaborate on developing the best cocktail recipes for their projects can lean on us and our expertise of flavor combinations and water treatments,” says Mary Pellettieri, co-founder of Top Note Tonic and a 20-year veteran of the brewing industry.

The company also landed a COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan in 2022, contributing to the company’s growth despite the effects of the pandemic.

“Survival for small businesses in 2022 was a challenge with inflation that led to higher costs not only for inventory, but also for cash,” says founder Mary Pellettieri. “The EDIL loan allowed us to correct some of the pandemic issues we ran into. We have been able to build up our inventory for products that were out-of-stock, service new distributors, and ultimately have a full warehouse again in December 2022.”

Top Note plans to leverage its growth in 2022 into the next year, expanding its selection of packaging into aluminum cans in 2023 and entering new partnerships with distributors, beverage manufacturers, and retailers across the United States.

"In 2023, we look forward to servicing new opportunities, like retail stores who are focusing on NA products and individuals seeking better-for-you soft drinks that happen to taste delicious as well,” says Pellettieri.

About Top Note Tonic

Top Note Tonic crafts the most complex and layered beverage mixers on the market. Co-founded by Mary Pellettieri, who has more than 20 years of experience in craft beer and quality beverages, Top Note’s lineup of award-winning mixers feature unique botanicals, unexpected ingredients, and beautiful flavors that complement the best spirits in the market. Top Note allows consumers to experiment with confidence and discover they can create complex, but not complicated, cocktails and alcohol-free mixed drinks.

The entire Top Note product lineup, including the Special Bartender Release Gentiana, Club Soda, Ginger Beer, Classic Tonic Water, Grapefruit soda, Bitter Lemon Tonic and the award-winning Indian Tonic Water, are available online at


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