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CBD Beverage Innovator Weller Launches THC Sparkling Water Line, Adds Dale Katechis to Leadership

Best-selling CBD sparkling water brand adds craft beer pioneer Dale Katechis to its leadership team ahead of the launch of its THC sparkling water line

Boulder, Colo., March 8, 2022 – Weller, best known for its leading brand of CBD sparkling water marked with a W+, announces the addition of Dale Katechis to its leadership team as it prepares to launch its latest innovation in wellness-focused, functional beverages: an approachable lineup of THC sparkling waters poised for multi-state distribution. Positioned with a history of quality, strong brand recognition, and the highest store velocities in the CBD beverage category, Weller’s move to THC will grow the company’s footprint in the functional beverage space.

Katechis, founder of Oskar Blues Brewery, is a disruptive entrepreneur familiar with pushing the boundaries of the status quo. In 2002, Katechis led Oskar Blues to buck the bottle trend and the brewery became the first in the craft beer industry to put its beer into aluminum cans.

“Dale’s experience scaling Oskar Blues from a disruptive small business into one of the world’s largest and most distributed craft brewery brands is an analog to Weller’s ambition of becoming a leader in cannabis beverages,” says John Simmons, co-founder of Weller. “Dale’s experience successfully building a new category, educating consumers and guiding innovation into the mainstream make him the perfect complement to our team.”

As a pioneer in the brewing industry with experience growing a cult following for a lineup of innovative beers, Katechis’ addition meets Weller at a time when the cannabis beverage industry and brand itself is positioned for similar growth.

“The beverage space is in the beginning stages of a shift toward accepting THC and CBD beverages as mainstream, available to and enjoyed by people from all walks of life,” says Katechis. “We’re going to see parallels to the trajectory of craft beer two decades ago, and Weller’s consistency and approachable brand will positively impact the industry as a whole. Cannabis beverages will be widely adopted and quickly become the largest growth driver for cannabis.”

Weller’s lineup of CBD beverages have proven the brand’s commitment to consistency and quality and have achieved unprecedented success for CBD products in natural and conventional grocery, convenience and foodservice channels nationwide. Weller CBD sparkling waters can be found in more than 2,500 retail stores, including Wegmans, Sprouts, New Seasons Markets, Erewhon, Lassens and other independent retailers.

This history of quality and strong brand recognition set the standard for Weller’s upcoming debut into THC. With a national footprint, innovative marketing platform, and developed supply chain, Weller will launch its THC sparkling waters in Colorado this April, with plans to reach additional states in Q3 2022.

The THC lineup will include three unique flavors, each containing a 1:1 ratio of 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD per 12-ounce can with zero sugar and zero calories. Weller’s mission with its new THC line is to provide a low-dosage beverage that delivers an incremental, desired physiological effect, allowing consumers to have full control of their experience.

“We’ve been in the cannabis industry for four years now with our CBD products and have developed a deep understanding of how to ensure consistent potency and reliability all the way through consumption,” says Matt Oscamou, co-founder of Weller. ”The water-soluble technology we utilize allows for fast-acting, rapid onset of THC to make sure you get a consistent experience.”

Tropical Peach features 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD, along with terpenes derived from the sativa cannabis strain Maui Wowie, providing energizing, stimulating and uplifting effects.

Blackberry Hibiscus features 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD, along with terpenes derived from indica cannabis strain Northern Lights, providing relaxing and calming effects.

Starfruit Lime features 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD, terpenes derived from hybrid cannabis strain Blue Dream, providing euphoric and mood-enhancing effects.

“We believe we can help elevate the category with products that taste amazing and are otherwise very similar to the selection of better-for-you functional beverages you can purchase at your local grocery store,” says Simmons. “We are confident that we’re on the path to significant growth in the THC category with cross-channel brand recognition.”

About Weller

Weller creates functional, wellness-focused beverages made with the highest-quality ingredients to support people as they seek to bolster their health and well-being. Founded in 2018 in Boulder, Colo., by natural food industry veterans, Weller’s mission is to provide accessible and reliable, clean-label beverages that are delicious, natural and impactful. For more information on how Weller can plus up your daily routine with its lineup of CBD and THC beverages, please visit Bottoms up.


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