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Bootstrap Brewing’s Second Non-alcoholic Beer Release: Strapless Golden Ale

Strapless Non-alcoholic Golden Ale expands the Colorado-based brewery’s footprint in the beyond beer category

Longmont, Colo., Feb. 4, 2021 — As the second beer in Bootstrap Brewing Company’s non-alcoholic (NA) Strapless lineup, the NA Strapless Golden Ale launches for sale online and on tap at the Longmont, Colo.-based brewery this month. Bootstrap’s Strapless collection of NA beers that drink like traditional craft beers give beer lovers flexibility in alcohol content when choosing their next beverage.

Coming in at 10 IBUs, 55 calories, and less than 0.5% ABV, this gluten-reduced craft beer is a crisp, drinkable ale that balances light pilsner malt body with mild, pleasant German hop aroma. The NA Strapless Golden Ale is packed with electrolytes and minerals, including Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium and Chloride, to help replenish lost nutrients during daily activity or a great workout.

“This ‘near beer’ is my lawn mowing beer,” says Steve Kaczeus, co-founder of Bootstrap Brewing Company. “The crisp taste is refreshing and the electrolytes give me back energy after being outside in the sun burning calories.”

Bootstrap is the first brewery in Colorado producing non-alcoholic beers using a brewing technology created by Minnesota-based ABV Technology. ABV’s innovative equipment uses low temperature and low pressure to evaporate, separate and filter beer, allowing for optimization of quality and flavor while minimizing alcohol content.

"We are extremely enthusiastic about our partnership with Bootstrap. They are technically savvy people who are embracing new technology and are already creating new beverages which will revolutionize the NA beer category,” states Ben Jordan, chief technology officer at ABV Technology.

Brewed for both beer lovers and adventure seekers, Bootstrap’s Strapless lineup fits into the lifestyle of every beer drinker. Strapless launched in November 2020 with the release of NA Strapless IPA.

Strapless Non-alcoholic Golden Ale pairs well with classic rock and physical activity. Beer lovers can enjoy this ale, climb a 14er, mountain bike into a canyon or ride the biggest wave and live by the Bootstrap motto: Go Hard All Day, Go Hard All Night!

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About Bootstrap Brewing Company

Home to best-selling and award-winning craft beers such as Insane Rush, Lush Puppy, Stick’s Pale Ale, Chillax, and Wreak Havoc, Bootstrap Brewing is an independent, adventurous brewery in Colorado dedicated to producing a wide range of ales and lagers. For more information, visit


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