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Turn It Up Wins Four Triple Gold Package Design Medals with Altered State Distillery

Our brand development, logo and packaging work with Erie, PA Altered State Distillery earned them four Triple Gold Medals for Packaging Design in the 2020 MicroLiquor Spirit Awards.

Our internal team of Carrie Weady, Melyssa Mead and Chad Melis collaborated with illustrator John Vogl to develop the unique packaging that translates the nature based roots and festival mindset of the Erie, PA area while local Colorado Primeflex Inc. printed the labels.

Altered State founders Aaron Hetz and Gavin Maus earned a Triple Gold Medal for their Black Bear Gin, congrats!

About MicroLiquor Spirit Awards

MicroLiquor Spirit Awards is the world’s first spirits competition for brands selling under 250,000 cases annually. The competition includes elements of both tasting and design. MicroLiquor Spirit Awards attracts several hundred distinct entries annually from around the world, with established and emerging brands submitting.

MicroLiquor Triple Gold Medal winners recognize the spirits showcasing extraordinary taste and the highest standard of quality and excellence.

Brand managers, marking professional, entrepreneurs, craft distillers and distilleries have the opportunity to gain insight into their brands while enjoying the benefits of competition.

Design Awards

The 2020 MicroLiquor Spirit Awards for Package Design showcases the highest standard of quality

and excellence in package design. The design competition judged the brand concept, logo and brand

identity, brand story, graphics, typography, style and legibility, structural, shelf impact, attention to

detail, innovation, and overall design for price point. The MicroLiquor Triple Gold for Package

Design recognize the spirits showcasing extraordinary design elements and the highest standard of

quality and excellence in overall package design.

Find all the packaging design results here.


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