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SLRRRP Shots Launches the First Cinnamon Whiskey Alcohol-infused Gelatin Shot

Single-serve cinnamon whiskey shots get an upgrade from SLRRRP Shots

Los Angeles, Nov. 2, 2021 -- SLRRRP Shots, the rapidly growing brand behind a flavorful lineup of pre-made ready-to-drink gelatin shots, announces its latest flavor: cinnamon whiskey. As the first packaged cinnamon whiskey gelatin shot on the market, Cinnamon Whiskey Slrrrp Shots combine the sweetness of cinnamon and the spice of premium whiskey for a whole new way to celebrate.

“Just in time for bonfires and tailgates, cinnamon whiskey Slrrrp Shots are going to be a new party favorite,” says Slrrrp Shots Founder Edward Farley. “Slrrrp Shots are the first widely available option for pre-made gelatin shots, and we’re thrilled to bring cinnamon whiskey into our year-round lineup.”

Cinnamon Whiskey Slrrrp Shots (15 percent ABV) are vegetarian friendly, made from 100% plant-based gelatin and infused with premium whiskey. Designed to be grab-and-go, Slrrrp Shots require no preparation and no refrigeration.

“People already know and love single-serve shooters of cinnamon whiskey. We just upgraded the flavor and shot-taking experience,” says Trent Killian, vice president of marketing at Slrrrp Shots.

Slrrrp Shots has nearly tripled its year-over-year sales consistently since launching in 2018. Slrrrp Shots can be found in 11 countries and at retail stores in 45 states in the US, including at MGM Properties in Las Vegas, several minor league baseball stadiums and select concert venues.


SLRRRP Shots makes delicious alcohol-infused gelatin shots. Slrrrp Shots come in two easy-to-slrrrp sizes, are vegetarian friendly, made from 100% plant-based gelatin and come in several varieties of exceptional flavors. Delicious fruity flavors, ranging from crisp Blue Raspberry Smash to delicious Pineapple Pandamonium, are available in both the Slrrrp Shots (13 percent ABV) and Slrrrp Shots Minis (8 percent ABV) sizes. In 2021, Slrrrp Shots debuted the first cinnamon whiskey gelatin shot (15 percent ABV).

For more information, visit and follow along on Facebook and Instagram @SLRRRP. Remember to share and enjoy Slrrrp Shots responsibly.

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