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Entrepreneur and Owner of Ska Brewing Brings Beer Knowledge to Cannabis

Matt Vincent is co-owner and the first head brewer of the renown Ska Brewing Company, the award-winning and largest craft brewery in the four corners region of the US. Back in 2018, Matt married his craft beer expertise with two cannabis-minded entrepreneurs from Durango Organics to create a brand that bridges the gap between cannabis and beverages - Oh Hi Beverages.

Oh Hi, and its CBD seltzer brand that is available at retail in 13 states and online nationwide, is one of the fastest growing hemp-infused beverages in the growing market. By 2023, the CBD market is expected to be valued at $1.4 billion, more than 16 times its 2018 size, with CBD beverages making up 5%. Oh Hi’s THC lineup is also available in select states and will continue to grow as legislation allows.

Why are cannabis beverages gaining such momentum? According to Matt, who’s experience in beverages spans 20 years, people are familiar and comfortable with drinks. Sipping a cannabis seltzer fits into the habitual feeling of sipping on a cocktail or a beer and unlike a gummy, you can enjoy the flavors and sip it over time. People from all walks of life love to try delicious drinks, and its more approachable than lighting up.

INTERVIEWS - We’d love to introduce you to Matt for insights into the growing cannabis industry, how his background in craft beer helped shape Oh Hi’s development and growth strategy, and how cannabis beverages are gearing up to follow the trajectory of the craft beer boom of the past decades.

Oh Hi plans to expand distribution this year, reaching more people and encouraging cannabis-curious people to experience the health and wellness effects of CBD.

SAMPLES - Try Oh Hi’s lineup of flavor-forward CBD-infused seltzers. Please send your best address if you'd like to receive samples.


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