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Driving Earned Media in A Complex Environment - a Six Month Summary

Leveraging over a decade of hands-on craft beer experience and a deep understanding of the craft beer space and partner breweries, Turn It Up Media provides ongoing strategic media relations thought leadership and support for all seven breweries within the CANarchy Craft Brewery Collective.

July Media Results

The CANarchy Craft Brewery Collective was Turn It Up Media's first client, and is no doubt, it's largest. Competing to stand out in a market saturated with over 7,000 craft breweries is a challenge that increases by the day, with new brewery openings, craft distilleries on the rise and cannabis quickly becoming viable in market's across the country.

August Media Highlights

Managing a priority list amongst seven breweries in nine markets is a significant challenge, one that will never be comfortable or prescribed. We've been able to be dynamic with the changing weekly priorities and opportunities by simplifying our target publications by category, delivering relevant pitches that are on-topic for the writer and being steadfast about follow-up.

INDUSTRY - We consistently maintain presence within key beer sector publications earning industry leadership and driving brand value to CANarchy's largest customers; distributors and retailers while showcasing the value of the CANarchy Craft Beer Collective to potential brewery partners and investors.

CONSUMER LOCAL & NATIONAL - Turn It Up Media’s national scope allows ongoing consumer focused coverage in the most impactful national publications while digging deep and leveraging the power of local in nine key CANarchy media markets.

M&A ACTIVITY - Our experience aligns CANarchy breweries, business partners and consumers through strategic internal and external communication planning and media relations for all M&A activity.

Great American Beer Festival Week - September

In a targeted effort aimed at the Great American Beer Festival, September 17th through the 21st, we experienced a high rate of earned media coverage (highlighted above). The extraordinary week gained national coverage from Forbes, Men's Journal, USA TODAY, Paste Magazine, Food Network & a local Colorado article focused on the CANarchy concept in the newly formed The Colorado Sun. In addition, we placed CANarchy President Matt Fraser on a Brewbound “Brew Talks” panel and hosted nearly 90 media contacts at Oskar Blues Grill & Brew / Black Buzzard in collaboration with Prim Communications, the Brewers Association and VISIT DENVER for a GABF media tour.

October Media Highlights

Providing ongoing organization and direction with a comprehensive agenda and hosting bi-weekly meetings with representatives from each brewery and the CANarchy leadership team provides ongoing structure to the conversations. Development of a consistent PR Process to align assets, strengths and earn confidence through repetition is a must for efficient media communications.

November Media Results

Through consistent distribution of press releases, hand pitching and sampling we were able to generate quality national and local press for CANarchy during our first six months collaborating.

December Media Results

We're proud to present a highlight reel from each of the first six months. Of course, it makes it much easier and a hell of a lot more fun having talented people and breweries that are motivated to be hands-on in there community and make press worthy content consistently - Thank you CANarchy for being a killer client!


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