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VineSpring Launches an Integration with Reservation Management Platform Tock

VineSpring users can now integrate with Tock to elevate the guest experience and easily manage tasting room reservations, special events, pickups, and deliveries

Sonoma, Calif., Dec. 14, 2021 -- VineSpring, the leading membership-focused commerce platform for wineries, breweries, and distilleries, announces it has officially integrated with Tock, a Squarespace company, which provides an all-in-one online reservations, special event, delivery, and takeout system.

With this robust integration of world-class platforms, craft beverage producers gain a detailed view of their members’ and guests’ activities, interests, and history so they can provide a personalized and elevated experience.

VineSpring, known as an industry leader for club/allocation management and BevAlc eCommerce, integrates with a number of other leading platforms to further enhance their capabilities. With Tock, craft producers gain an intuitive way for guests to book reservations, tours, and events online. Tock empowers craft producers to manage all types of reservations, and simplify special event sales and marketing all within one system.

“VineSpring is thrilled to combine our capabilities with Tock,” said Chris Towt, co-founder and CEO of VineSpring. “Craft producers can now see a guest's membership status, favorite beverages, and last date of purchase within either system to get a holistic view of their customers. It improves functionality behind the scenes and gives the guest a consistent and enjoyable experience across platforms.”

Combine Two Powerful Tools for Enhanced Transparency and Efficiency with Tock from Squarespace and VineSpring

Tock uses their intuitive technology to help drive revenue for the thousands of craft producers using their best-in-class reservation platform around the world. With Tock from Squarespace, craft producers can manage reservations, special events, pickup, and delivery—all in one place.

The VineSpring and Tock integration combine Tock’s all-in-one reservation system with VineSpring data to:

  • Level up the guest experience through personalized interactions made possible for each club member and previous guests using shared information.

  • Identify upselling opportunities with guests who are not yet club members.

  • Automatically add new guests who make reservations with you in Tock to your VineSpring system.

  • Sync information between the two systems like club details, past purchase history, and group membership for increased customer insights and purchases.

  • Increase the consistency of reservations and reduce the risk of no-shows thanks to Tock’s deposit and prepaid booking options.

  • Recognize members and special guests for automatic discounts and VIP access.

  • Make it easy for guests to see what’s available and reserve a time at your establishment.

To find out more information about the VineSpring and Tock Integration, visit

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About VineSpring

VineSpring is the leading membership-focused commerce platform for wineries, breweries, and distilleries that builds stronger communities. VineSpring brings together powerful cloud-based tools into one easy-to-use web interface to convert one-time customers into subscription members and increase sales for existing and new customers through a curated web experience. VineSpring was founded in 2011 and is based in Sonoma, Calif. Learn more at

About Tock from Squarespace

​​Founded in 2014, Tock from Squarespace provides the hospitality industry all the tools they need to sell anything online - including reservations, events, time, classes, content, products and more. Acquired by Squarespace in 2021, the cloud-based platform allows guests to discover and book experiences wherever they are — expanding the businesses of thousands of leading restaurants, bars, destinations and wineries in 26 countries. Find it all at


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