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PRESS RELEASE: Donations to Can’d Aid’s Berthoud Adaptive Playground Project Matched Up to $100,000

Edwards Development to match donations up to $100,000 to help fund the community’s first inclusive public park. Pictured Left to Right: The Edwards Family, The Bowling Family with Berthoud Mayor Will Karspeck

Berthoud, Colo., Feb. 8th, 2022 – Donations made to Can’d Aid’s Berthoud Adaptive Park Project, which will build the first adaptive public playground in Berthoud, Colo., will be matched up to $100,000 through May 19, 2022.

The Berthoud Adaptive Park is a truly community-based project that will provide access to healthy activities for all children in the area. The project was inspired by Lauren and Richard Bowling, who are the parents of five-year-old Braxton and four-year-old twins Mack and Miles. During Lauren’s pregnancy, Mack and Miles were diagnosed with twin-to-twin Twin Transfusion Syndrome and, in either labor or delivery, Miles was without oxygen long enough to result in a traumatic brain injury, known as Periventricular Leukomalacia, that ultimately led to the development and diagnosis of spastic triplegia cerebral palsy at age two. Though not affected cognitively or verbally, Miles is unable to stand or walk by himself which makes him dependent on a wheelchair for his mobility, freedom and independence.

The closest ADA accessible playground to the Bowling family is currently 40 minutes away from their home in Berthoud. The goal of the fundraiser is to assist the Bowling family and the project developers in any way necessary to help reach the goal of bringing accessibility and inclusion closer to home for many in the mid-northern Colorado area.

Will Edwards, a Colorado developer who has been helping guide the planning and design of the park, recently announced he will be matching donations for the park through the Bowling twins 5th birthday on May 19. The generous donation will make a large impact on the total cost of the park and the goal of the fundraiser, which is set at $800,000.

“We have spent the last several months planning an inclusive space for children in the area and this project is very close to my heart,” said Edwards. “The community will benefit from this project for a long time. I feel grateful for the opportunity to help bring this accessible park to Berthoud and the surrounding area.“

Can’d Aid, a nonprofit that has created a movement which rallies people to become catalysts for change in their communities, was inspired by Lauren’s story and jumped in to help coordinate and augment fundraising efforts. Their Treads + Trails program works to provide tools and access for all to lead healthy and active lives. In addition to coordinating fundraising efforts and working with the developers, Can’d Aid will host community events and provide volunteer work days for the playground when appropriate.

Donations to Can’d Aid’s Berthoud Adaptive Park Project can be made online at

About Can’d Aid

Can’d is a nationally recognized nonprofit that rallies volunteers from all walks of life to build thriving communities. Through their unique integrated approach, they distribute water, increase access and opportunities for underserved youth to experience music, arts and the outdoors; and protect and restore the environment. Since inception in 2013, more than 2 million cans of water have been distributed, over 6,700 skateboards and bikes have been built for underprivileged youth, more than 2,500 instruments have been donated and the equivalent of 73 million aluminum cans have been recycled. To donate, volunteer or learn more, please visit


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