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PR Pros-Chad Melis of Turn It Up Media On The 5 Things You Need To Create A Highly Successful Career

Photo: Fredrik Marmsater Photography

"Be true to yourself. Be selective about committing to an industry you are truly passionate about. When it comes to Turn It Up and our services, we execute in the craft beverage and the outdoor/lifestyle spaces. I moved from Wisconsin to Colorado to build a life around bikes, beer, and music, and I’ve stayed committed to those passions."

Have you seen the show Flack? Ever think of pursuing a real-life career in PR? What does it take to succeed in PR? What are the different forms of Public Relations? Do you have to have a college degree in PR? How can you create a highly lucrative career in PR? In this interview series, called “5 Things You Need To Create A Highly Successful Career As A Public Relations Pro” we are talking to successful publicists and Public Relations pros, who can share stories and insights from their experiences.

As a part of this series I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Chad Melis.

After successfully elevating the Oskar Blues Brewery brand nationally for over a decade, Chad Melis has become a brand of marketing professional uniquely his own. With PR savvy and an uncanny knack for brand strategy, Chad has an ironclad grasp on how to provide clients with a roadmap to meet their goals. Chad’s the founder of Turn It Up Media, a collective of leading brand marketers from the craft beverage, outdoor sports, and lifestyle industries.

Read the Authority Magazine article HERE.

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