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Colorado Wellness Brand Stuvz Donates 1,000 Bottles of Hand Sanitizer to Saint Vrain Valley School D

Through its StuvzLuvz program, Stuvz equips teachers in 28 schools in the SVV School District with hand sanitizer

Longmont, Colorado, April 15, 2021 — Stuvz, a Colorado-based wellness brand promoting safe connections, donates more than 1,000 bottles of its premium hand sanitizer to the Saint Vrain Valley School District. The donation provides every teacher in the district with the USA-made hand sanitizer, reaching 28 schools and over 1,000 classrooms in Longmont, Colo., and neighboring communities.

“Stuvz was created with the mission to make our communities and our connections with others safer,” says founder Dale Katechis. “As students return to school, we want to do our part to make sure that they’re rejoining the classrooms safely without added stress on teachers.”

The donation to Saint Vrain Valley School District is the latest effort of the company’s StuvzLuvz program. A critical component of the Stuvz brand, StuvzLuvz helps those in need, including non-profits, teachers associations, emergency services, and everyday individuals who could use a hand.

“Philanthropy is a core pillar of Stuvz, and our guerilla-style approach to charity manifests via spontaneous acts of kindness for deserving people and groups. No qualifiers, no agenda, no bias. Just spreading the love via good old fashioned Stuvz,” says Katechis.

Stuvz’s liquid foaming sanitizer is made with premium ingredients, including hyaluronic acid and jojoba esters, leaving hands hydrated, replenished, and smooth after each use. FDA registered, made in the USA, and with 62% ethyl alcohol, it meets the Center for Disease Control’s recommended concentration.

With elegant packaging, a foam dispenser, and vibrant brand colors, Stuvz hand sanitizer is a bag and car staple that is sure to spark joy and be a new favorite of the hands of family and friends. To order online and sign up for a no-hassle monthly delivery of Stuvz hand sanitizer, visit



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About Stuvz

Founded in 2020, wellness company Stuvz was created to protect families and strengthen communities. As the first product launched by the company, Stuvz’s FDA registered hand sanitizer comes with benefits that help people. For users, it offers protection, hydration, softening, and a light fragrance that protects against germs. For the community, Stuvz’s philanthropic effort, StuvzLuvz, helps support those in need. To purchase Stuvz hand sanitizer by the bottle or to subscribe for monthly shipments, visit

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