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Canndigenous Products Made With Wisconsin-Grown, Organic Hemp Launch Online Nationwide

Canndigenous releases new products, including CBD and CBG gummies

Cambridge, Wisc., March 1, 2021 — Canndigenous, which launched in 2021 as the first Native American owned CBD hemp company in Wisconsin, announces its latest products, including CBD and CBG gummies and a beautifully curated subscription box. All Canndigenous products are available to purchase online for in-store pickup or nationwide delivery.

Canndigenous is a vertically integrated company that grows organic hemp on its Wisconsin farm and sells consumer wellness products at its Ripley Green retail apothecary location. Founded by serial entrepreneur and proud member of the Bad River Tribe, Rob Pero, Canndigenous offers locally grown, organic CBD produced with a commitment to natural, transparent, and sustainable practices.


The latest product release from Canndigenous includes two varieties of gummies: For The Mind and For The Body. For The Mind gummies include CBD and CBG molecules that attach to the brain’s CB1 and CB2 receptors, causing an increase of the neurochemical anandamide, or the "bliss molecule”, that is responsible for feelings of happiness and mental balance. For The Mind gummies contain 25mg of CBD and 25mg of CBG.

“I was very excited to learn we had the ability to create a product featuring CBG as it has become one of my favorite lesser cannabinoids,” says Lindsay Wehmeyer, Ripley Green store manager and brand ambassador for Canndigenous. “50mg per gummy packs a meaningful dose. And with 25mg of CBD and 25mg of CBG, our For The Mind gummies will give you the blissed out entourage effect for your brain.”

Canndigenous’ For The Body gummies contain 25mg of CBD and are designed to alleviate inflammation and manage pain naturally with organically grown hemp distillate. The delicious gummies are hemp-forward, letting the earthly flavors of organically grown cannabis plant shine.

“When our bodies experience outside stressors, like pain, anxiety and sleeplessness, our body's endocannabinoid system tries to regulate and bring your body back to balance. Our For The Body CBD gummies are a natural and delicious way to support your endocannabinoid system and return to homeostasis. They will reduce inflammation and help to manage anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain,” says Wehmeyer. “We’re excited to expand our lineup of hemp wellness products and provide an organic, thoughtful option for people.”

Subscription Box

The latest product offerings from the organic hemp company also includes a three-month subscription box featuring a rotating lineup of carefully curated CBD products. The first delivery of the Canndigenous subscription box contains an iconic honey bear filled with CBD Honey. Pairing honey sourced from Wisconsin's Humming Meadows Apiary and Canndigenous' Wisconsin-grown hemp, the craft CBD Honey contains approximately 40 mg of CBD per spoonful and is a great addition to hot teas and winter cocktails this season.

New Strain - Sour Suver Haze

Also rolling out on the Canndigenous store is the brands’ latest CBD flower strain, Sour Suver Haze. This strain features an intriguing and intense aroma and, thanks to the sour influence, the piney flavor with a lovely cheese aroma rising beneath it all. When smoked or vaped, that sour flavor lasts from the first puff down to the last draw.

Canndignous offers several strains of CBD flower and pre-rolls on its online store. Pre-rolled flower is packaged in tubes made with reused ocean plastic and is available to ship nationwide. All Canndigenous products contain less than 0.3% THC.

Pero and the Canndigenous team are committed to honoring Indigenious heritage and Pero’s Ojibwe roots with a wellness-focused approach, transparent practices, and a sincere commitment to bettering the health of the greater good. Like preceding generations of Ojibwe people, Pero’s core values are rooted around tenets of love for family, support for community, respect for the natural world, and a commitment to doing everything, as the Ojibwe say, “in a good way.”

“At Canndigenous, this commitment to do things ‘in a good way’ is not just an affirmation of our Ojibwe roots,” says Pero. “It’s a daily mandate and a driving force in everything we do. It’s a spiritual stance with tangible actions that lead us to produce health-focused CBD products.”

Canndigenous CBD products, including hemp flower, pre-rolls and tinctures, are currently available online nationwide ( and at Ripley Green’s retail location at 226 W. Main Street in historic Cambridge, Wisc.

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About Canndigenous

As the first Native American owned hemp farm and CBD retailer in Wisconsin, Canndigenous focuses on growing local, high-quality CBD and providing wellness products with a commitment to natural, organic, and sustainable practices. All of Canndigenous’ hemp plants are rooted around tenets of love for family, support for community, respect for the natural world, and a commitment to doing everything, as the Ojibwe say, “in a good way.” Learn more about Canndigenous at



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