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BarTrack Announces a New Integration with the Toast Platform

This integration is designed to help hospitality teams identify and minimize draft beverage waste to help with profitability and streamline processes.

Washington, D.C., Aug. 29, 2023 – Hospitality quality and data technology company BarTrack announced today that it has joined the Toast Partner Ecosystem. This integration is designed to help restaurant, bar, and hospitality management teams with reports they can use to pinpoint where, when, why, and how beverage waste occurs and strategize improvements to profitability and management efficiency.

BarTrack`s beverage quality management tool uses plug-and-play sensors to measure nearly a dozen beverage-specific variables. BarTack's system helps monitor draft beverage quality and keg levels in real time–data from the sensors, combined with the intuitive BarTrack App and your sales data from Toast’s POS, offers a closer view into the possible causes and impact of waste on the bottom line.

Toast is a cloud-based, all-in-one digital technology platform purpose-built for the entire restaurant community. It works with integration partners in its Toast Partner Ecosystem, a curated portfolio of more than 200 partners who deliver specialized technology and services to help restaurant operators increase sales, engage guests, and keep employees happy.

​​“We are thrilled to welcome BarTrack to the Toast Partner Ecosystem, and delighted to offer our customers a closer look into their draft operations with Toast POS and BarTrack,” says Keith Corbin, senior director, business development from Toast. “By partnering with BarTrack, bar and restaurant teams can now access a robust data-driven resource designed to help minimizing beverage waste and increase quality.”

Equipped with BarTrack’s draft monitoring system, hospitality management teams at bars, restaurants, breweries, and venues can:

  • Gain access to insightful real-time data for every draft beverage pour

  • View real-time data like keg-levels and quality metrics like temperature, pressure, and line cleanliness

  • Categorize waste sources through BarTrack’s trend reporting

  • Enable pour-by-pour analysis to identify if issues like foam or unrung pours are related to inventory management processes, equipment, or human error

  • Automate inventory management

  • Support data-driven decisions for improving operational efficiency, streamlining inventory, and ultimately boosting profits

Prevent waste by with specific information displayed by the minute and ounce in the BarTrack App

BarTrack and Toast integration is designed to help deliver reports that pinpoint and differentiate causes of draft beverage waste, like unrung drinks and foaming issues. BarTrack’s system accurately measures pours and automatically cross-references your Toast POS data to determine when, where, and why discrepancies in the numbers occur, empowering teams and management to execute best practices and build strategic plans based on key performance indicators.

“Our clients use their data from BarTrack and Toast as a management tool and our reporting helps them track goals and reward their staff through incentive programs,” says BarTrack CEO Brett Danielson. “With BarTrack's granular data, management teams can analyze pour costs, increase in keg yield, and more. Staff can also create specific thresholds for waste in different categories and then get alerted when they hit or miss them.”

Bar, restaurant, brewery, and stadium teams can request a demo to learn more about BarTrack’s innovative quality and data technology and Toast POS integrations.

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About BarTrack

Founded in 2018, BarTrack is a hospitality quality and data technology company that has revolutionized the way bars, breweries, restaurants, and stadiums manage their inventory and eliminate costly waste. BarTrack’s flagship offering is a first of its kind non-intrusive beverage sensor technology platform with no moving parts. The company’s sensors and web-enabled software empower better inventory management and improved draft system diagnostics through the monitoring of a dozen beverage specific variables. This, in combination with Toast point-of-sale integration, is designed to help deliver a comprehensive view of the causes and impact of waste on the bottom line. Learn more at



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