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In 2023, Indeed Brewing Company Cultivated Good Vibes All Year Long

Artfully eclectic beers and dedication to community continue to define Indeed

Minneapolis, Jan. 4, 2023: For Indeed Brewing Company, 2023 was a year of strengthening existing brands, innovating in packaging, and developing new brews. The brewery continues to develop a reputation for boundary-pushing flavors, intriguing package design, and a dedication to community involvement. As the new year begins, Indeed Brewing Company’s culture remains centered around good people, good beers, and good experiences.

Indeed We Can

Giving back to the community is a fundamental part of Indeed’s operations. Through its Indeed We Can charitable giving program, Indeed reached a total donation amount of $750,000 and counting in 2023 to local nonprofit organizations in Wisconsin and Minnesota, with $10,000 given in Wisconsin and $38,000 given in Minnesota last year. The program donated 100% of taproom net profits to an employee-selected local nonprofit once per week (every Wednesday in Minneapolis and every Tuesday in Milwaukee) in 2023. The brewery will bring their can-do attitude toward charitable giving into the new year.

People-Forward Vision

In 2023, Ryan Bandy was appointed Chief Business Officer, a move that highlights the brewery’s commitment to its team and creating unique career opportunities for employees. Bandy joined Indeed over a decade ago, getting his start in packaging, snapping PakTechs onto cans and waxing tops of bottles. From back of the house to the taproom, Bandy has experience in various positions from cellaring and bartending to field sales, events and sales management, making him uniquely qualified to lead Indeed into the future.

Brand Extensions in 2024

Known for artfully eclectic beers, Indeed makes their core beer brands, including Flavorwave IPA and Pistachio Cream Ale, readily accessible to beer lovers across Minnesota and Wisconsin. Flavorwave IPA delivers good vibes as a year-round IPA offering and continues to be a distribution priority for the brewery, continually supported by POS, programming and sales incentives. 12-packs were up 30% in IRI in 2023, and Flavorwave IPA will see exciting developments with a brand extension in 2024 – stay tuned for a tsunami-level announcement! 

Indeed’s beloved Pistachio Cream Ale is adding more and more fans to its cult following every day and remains the best-selling beer on draft in both the Minneapolis and Milwaukee Indeed taprooms. In fact, volume of Pistachio Cream Ale was up 25% in 2023, with on-premise points of distribution up 18%. Pistachio Cream Ale will also see a brand extension in early 2024 that’s nuttier than ever before. 

Hop Parade IPA Variety Pack

Flavorwave, a fruity, tropical hop-packed brew now appears in Indeed’s new Hop Parade Mix Pack, released in 2023, along with Modern Age Session IPA, Blue Dream Honey IPA and Let it Ride India Pale Ale. Like any great parade, the pack puts on display the best hop flavors the brewing team at Indeed has to offer.. The eye-catching packaging allows for optimal visibility at retail, with the ability for blocking and increased brand awareness. The collection of colorful IPAs is now available throughout Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Minnesota.

THC Lineup

The flavor artists at Indeed Brewing Company have designed a lineup of Sparkling THC drinks that hit just right. There’s something for anyone seeking an elevated beverage experience, from Two Good, which has 2mg THC and 2mg CBD, to best-selling Double High Fiver, delivering a sparkling 10mg THC and 10mg CBD. Indeed emphasizes responsible consumption and providing something for every level of cannabinoid consumer.

The brewery introduced Two Good and High Fiver THC Goodies, made with hemp-derived, full spectrum THC & CBD in 2023. The online store is home to brewery-branded hats, shirts, sweatshirts, and now Indeed's dank lineup of sparkling THC and CBD-infused beverages and gummies, available to ship nationwide. THC Goodies and Sparkling THC beverages start with dosages as low as an approachable 2mg each of THC and CBD. The lineup ships directly to 23 states, and Indeed plans on launching new products in the new year.

Looking Ahead to 2024

In the new year, Indeed looks forward to continued momentum for beloved brands and the introduction of innovative new offerings, including beer and THC & CBD products. Indeed will bring back their annual music and beer festival Whirlygig in the spring in Minneapolis. Most importantly, Indeed Brewing Company will continue to create a community around the pursuit of what’s good. Join them for good vibes this year in person at both taprooms and online at

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About Indeed Brewing Company:

Indeed Brewing Company cultivates an artfully eclectic lineup of beers from its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota and pilot brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Indeed’s diverse offerings feature old-time favorites like Day Tripper Pale Ale, current hits like Flavorwave IPA and Pistachio Cream Ale, and now go beyond beer to include THC-infused seltzers. Well-known as a community-oriented brewery, Indeed’s taprooms are home to Indeed We Can, the employee-driven charitable giving program that donates 100% of taproom net profits to an employee-selected nonprofit every week of the year. Indeed believes innovation isn’t just one thing—it’s a culture created around good people, good beers, and good experiences.



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