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GIFT GUIDE: Outbound Makes Bike Lights for Every Rider and Every Ride

Winter is coming and the days are getting shorter. As you start planning your 2023 holiday gift guides this season, consider including a cycling light kit for night riding from Outbound Lighting. Chicago-based and made in the USA, Outbound lights up roads and trails for every rider and every ride.

Named to the prestigious Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies list in 2022, Outbound’s team of professional lighting engineers base their designs off automotive lighting standards, making their wide range of products for mountain, gravel and street bikers truly unique and more effective than any other on the market.

Outbound is the expert in bike lights. Pouring years of automotive lighting knowledge into developing the best bicycle lights no matter what kind of riding you are doing.

For The Trail Rider

The ultimate turn-key light combination, Outbound’s Evo Downhill Package ($375.00) includes two lights, the only lights on the market engineered to work together. Together they work seamlessly to light up the trail like never before. This is the perfect bike light setup for hardcore trail riders. The package includes:

Handlebar mounted Trail light (Trail Evo) ($245.00) The flagship mountain bike light designed for the handlebars with a wide even beam that makes night riding an absolute blast and unlike anything you've ever ridden with before.

Helmet mounted light (Hangover) ($135.00) The lightweight, bright, and trustworthy helmet light that gives you a beautiful beam pattern wherever you are looking.

For the Road, Gravel and Commuter Cyclist

Outbound’s Handlebar mounted light Detour ($185.00) is the perfect option for commuters, but also optimizes gravel, road and mountain riding. This light is designed with automotive optics by using a cut-off light beam pattern to simulate the low beam of a car, but for your bike, keeping riders safer at night.

We would love to make your 2023 gift guides truly complete. Please let us know if you need any more information for editorial consideration!


About Outbound Lighting

Identifying as engineers first, and bike riders second, Chicago-based Outbound Lighting’s engineering professionals have years of hands-on experience in the automotive and LED lighting industries and now chase optical illumination perfection for every ride. With a lineup of bike light products thoughtfully designed and assembled in-house in the United States in a new 7,200 sq ft facility, Outbound designs each product for each specific use case by shaping beam patterns through custom optics with Lucidshape™, the same simulation software used by major automotive manufacturers. Outbound Lighting was named to the 2022 Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies in America.


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