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Content Development: Outbound Lighting "EVO Downhill Package" Promo Photos and Videos

We had a killer time working on this Content Development project for our friends at Outbound Lighting. Shooting mountain bikes in the dark has challenges but our crew came together seamlessly for two action packed nights in the woods.

Turn It Up delivered a mix of edits for various uses including: 1 Minute-50 Second full product detail, 1 Minute Product detail (featured below), three 15 sec social posts and three 15 second Instagram story formatted edits.

In addition to team Turn It Up (Michael Eldridge, Chad Melis), A big shout out to the REEB Cycles (Tim Moore, Adam Prosise, Steph Smith, Stephen Kominski) crew and Fredrik Marmsater for still photography to compliment the video effort.

Photo: Fredrik Marmsater Photography


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