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“The Pro’s Closet” Launches Revolutionary “Certified Pre-Owned” Bike Program

We're stoked to be working The Pro's Closet to help them tell the story of their Certified Pre-Owned Bike Program and how it is changing the idea of bike ownership. Here are elements from the press release.

Boulder, Colo., March 19th, 2019 - In what started as a creative mountain biker living out of his VW Bus in the summer of 2006 with a simple mission: sell all of his worldly possessions, minus his bike and his bus, he sold everything. From these humble beginnings, The Pro's Closet (TPC) has grown to be the world's largest and most trusted resource for quality pre-owned cycling gear.

While the TPC business model has evolved over the years, their commitment to delivering the best possible retail experience to the cycling community has not. In 2019, the company has announced a revolutionary Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program providing unmatched customer insight, product inspection & service and a Guaranteed Buyback program defining a rolling store credit and a roadmap into not only your next bike, but a sustainable opportunity for a lifelong environment allowing riders access to ongoing technology advancements and changing trends without the guessing game and financial penalty of buying and selling bikes on the open market.

What does CPO mean?

Inspection & Service: Every Certified Pre-Owned bike is put through an industry leading 141 point inspection and pro tune service by a professional mechanic. All parts that didn’t pass inspection are serviced or replaced while complete access to the service sheet gives visibility into every detail of the process, giving you 100% confidence the bike is problem free and ready to ride.

Guaranteed Buyback: The Guaranteed Buyback program pre-defines a trade-in or buyback value schedule of your Certified Pre-Owned bike for 18 months. The guaranteed buyback value of your bike is updated on a monthly schedule and is accessible to you by logging into your account anytime during the 18 month period. During that time TPC helps you find your next dream bike with weekly updates tailored to you via your account. At anytime during that 18 months you can initiate the trade-in process and your store credit is applied to your next purchase. Any upgrades you apply to your bike will be examined by the TPC buying team and the trade-in price will be adjusted accordingly. That said, if you decide you’d prefer to sell the bike back to TPC rather than trading for the next one, they send you payment at the bike’s cash value right away. For additional details visit:

Unmatched Customer Service: In addition to having seven days per week, chat support, access to your account, digitally meeting your pro mechanic and receiving the comprehensive inspection and service sheet, Certified Pre-Owned bikes ship in a TPC developed RideFast box. The TPC staff will send you a video of your bike being packaged in the box and let you know exactly when you can expect new bike day to happen. The RideFast box delivers the bike completely assembled other than installing the front wheel for mountain bikes and only a handlebar adjustment for road or cyclocross bikes, guaranteeing assembly in 3 minutes and additionally providing a quality tool kit. TPC offers 15% off components and accessories for 30 days after you buy your Certified Pre-Owned bike so you can dial it in and make it uniquely yours while they eliminate the risk of online buying with a 30-day, no questions asked return policy.

Our CPO program is redefining bike ownership and introducing a concept never before realized in the cycling industry. Bikes today are getting more and more sophisticated with evolving technology each season. While average sale prices are looking more like a car than a bicycle. This program de-risks the buying and selling experience while providing our customer an opportunity to advance with technology on a quality, trusted, pre-owned experience. Gone are the days of meeting someone in a dark parking lot with a pocket full of cash. - Nick Martin Founder // CEO


The CPO program is revolutionizing the cycling industry and providing cyclists a trusted resource for quality pre-owned cycling gear and a refined bike ownership concept never before realized in the cycling industry. For additional information and details visit


The Pro’s Closet Inc. (TPC) is the world’s largest retailer of previously-owned bikes and cycling gear. We purchase bikes and components from manufacturers, retailers, and individuals and work alongside bike shops to help customers trade in their old bikes for a new one. What sets us apart from our competition is the care we put into our bikes before sale. Our team of professional mechanics clean, inspect, and tune dozens of bikes every day, ensuring our customers have the best experience when buying a bike from us.

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