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Pro Refrigeration Announces Plan to Phase Out Refrigerants with High Global Warming Potential

By 2022, one of every four Pro Refrigeration systems produced will operate using natural refrigerants

Auburn, Wash., March. 25, 2021 — Pro Refrigeration, the leading cooling technology and equipment company for craft fermented beverages, dairy and food processing, announces its plan to bring down refrigeration global warming potential (GWP) by phasing out refrigerants with high GWP.

Pro Refrigeration, which provides EPA compliant HCFC based systems, is competing to be the first US Based Manufacturer to add a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Chiller System to its standard product offering.

“Our commitment is to not only lead the charge to a greener planet and better future. It’s as important for us to deliver increased cooling efficiency, while also increasing the heat recovery by 300%, to provide more hot water at higher temperatures,” says Jim VanderGiessen, Jr., chief executive officer and co-founder of Pro Refrigeration.

Pro Refrigeration is currently pitching their CO2 Chiller Concept and Design to a leading group of Dairy Processors in Washington, California and Texas with the goal to have the first system installed and cooling milk by mid June.

“This is such an exciting time to be in the Refrigeration Industry, natural refrigerants are long overdue in the United States market,” says VanderGiessen. “It’s our goal that by 2022, one of every four systems Pro produces will operate using natural refrigerants.”

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About Pro Refrigeration

Auburn, Wash.-based Pro Refrigeration, Inc., is the leading cooling technology and equipment company for craft fermented beverages and dairy in the US. The company provides innovative solutions for cannabis, food processing and machine and process cooling with a complete product offering from ¾ to 300 HP serving applications that require chilled fluid from –45 F to +45 F. Pro also has a network of regional sales people serving in each corner of the US. Visit for more information.


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