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Press Release: Spirit Hound Distillers Turns High Proof Spirits Into Hand Sanitizer

March 18th, 2020 - Lyons, CO - With increasing COVID-19 regulations curtailing normal business operations, and recognizing a need in the community, Spirit Hound Distillers has begun converting vodka-like spirits into disinfectant sanitizer and distributing it to help protect and support local emergency services and healthcare workers.

The Lyons, CO distillery responded to immediate needs by partnering with local Lyons, CO company Green Goo® to package 48 gallons of sanitizer into 1,000 individual unit spray bottles to donate to Coloradans in need. The distillery is using a formula posted online from the Food and Drug Administration to make the disinfectant solution. The initial run was delivered to local Lyons, CO first responders, healthcare workers, public servants and public-facing businesses on Tuesday March 17th. The timing was perfect as supplies have become virtually unavailable throughout the Colorado Front Range and across the country as the need for protection from the rapidly spreading pandemic spreads.

“Here we go again, after going through the Colorado Front Range floods of 2013, we quickly understood the need and are extremely proud to have the Spirit Hound team, and the Lyons community, rally to respond and make an impact quickly.” said Craig Engelhorn, head distiller and mad scientist at Spirit Hound.

Spirit Hound collaborated with Local Registered Nurse Christiana Lucani R.N., who specializes in home health care of elderly patients in need. In recent days, Lucani has struggled to obtain supplies needed to continue safe care of her patients. Her initial deliveries included There With Care, which supports families of critically ill children, the TEBO cancer center, and BCH home health.

Spirit Hound has expanded provisions in collaboration with Lyons Mayor Connie Sullivan and Chief J.J. Hoffman at the Lyons, CO fire department to ensure communities needs are met. Priority is given to Colorado healthcare professionals and are available via the distillery by contacting Colorado residents who would like to obtain the disinfectant spray are able to pick up bottles at Spirit Hound Distillers, 4196 Ute Highway [US Route 36] Lyons, CO., or the St. Vrain Market in Lyons during normal business hours.

“We have ingredients to make another 200 gallons of sanitizer and plan to continue to make the spray as long as there is a need” says Engelhorn. “As we try to make sense of the chaotic times, we’re proud to be part of serving our community.”

As Englehorn mentioned, Spirit Hound Distillers is no stranger to responding to adversity. They are once again dealing with impacts to their business as their popular tasting room is currently closed to customers due to the recent executive order issued by Governor Polis on March 16th. During the floods of 2013, the worst in Colorado history, left their distillery under three feet of standing water and nearly ended the business as it was barely getting off the ground. The distillery worked quickly with local non-profit Can’d Aid to get back up and running and later sold a “Flood Rum” version of their “Mountain Bum Rum” donating $10,000 to the Lyons Fire Department who worked tirelessly to save the local community and lost a building and a fire engine during the natural disaster.

Based on best practices and the evolving COVID-19 guidance from state and federal health officials, Spirit Hound Distillers offers disinfectant spray and purchase of their spirits (bottles only) as “Pick Up” only from 12 noon to 7pm daily until further notice.


About Spirit Hound Distillers

Resonating from the gritty small town of Lyons, situated in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, comes Spirit Hound Distillers and unique crafted spirits years in the making. Founded in 2012 by friends and business partners—Craig Engelhorn, Wayne Anderson, Matt Rooney and Neil Sullivan—Spirit Hound’s reputation originates in a hands-on approach to the craft of distilling. The Spirit Hound team takes traditional and classic recipes that comes to life with local, hand-selected ingredients distilled through hand-built-from-scratch stills and distillation equipment in search of one-of-a-kind processes and flavors. Spirit Hound offerings include: an acclaimed Straight Malt Whisky, Honey Whisky, Spirit Hound Gin, Mountain Bum Rum, Sambuca and an un-aged version of its whisky called White Dog Moonshine.

Currently, Spirit Hound products are available in Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and Texas. The tasting room is located on the St. Vrain River at 4196 Ute Highway/US Route 36 Lyons, CO 80540 and hosts live music and events throughout the week, and is a popular destination for lovers of distilled spirits and handcrafted cocktails.

For additional details please visit or call (303) 823-5696

About Green Goo® by Sierra Sage Herbs

Founded by two sisters and their mother, Green Goo is a women-owned and family-operated company headquartered in Lyons, CO. They make all-natural, plant-based first aid, skincare, and personal care products that are non-toxic, cruelty free, potent, portable, and most importantly effective. Their product lines include, everyday skincare, a mama and baby line, first aid for animals, intimate salves, and products for your bath and body needs; and you can find their products on Main Street, online, and in big box retailers across the country.


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