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Mountain Flyer Magazine: Off the Keyboard, into the Sawatch

Early this summer we set off into the Sawatch Backcountry with a small group of friends for a bikepacking adventure. As with most time spent in the backcountry we shared an inspiring adventure that would turn into my first editorial writing effort for Mountain Flyer Magazine.

Fortunately, we're surrounded by a lot of dedicated hardworking people doing what they love, and as things came together, it was natural to connect those dots with a story to bring out the best in what our friends do.

We've worked with Mountain Flyer Magazine for over a decade. Racing against Brian Riepe, staying at Steve Mabry's house and laughing at Chris Hanna's jokes on Crested Butte ski lifts. All the while we've seen the magazine be an artistic platform for photographers, writers and riders inspired to share their spiritual moments amongst friends on bikes.

The crew was was made up of myself, Chad Melis (Founder TIUM), Fred Marmsater (Adventurer and Photographer), Tim Moore (REEB Cycles) and Sterling Mudge (Cloud City Wheelers), all hard workers dedicated to their role of inspiring on two wheels. Again, there is history, partnership and friendship connecting this group.

Our history with Sterling Mudge (Executive Director) and Cloud City Wheelers goes back over a decade to supporting the Leadville Winter Mountain Bike Series during our time at Oskar Blues Brewery. Take a look back to 2009 HERE. The series is a fundraiser for the club that has put mountain biking at the center of an economic driver in Lake County, producing miles and miles of summer and winter groomed singletrack making Leadville a destination.

As a Co-Founder of REEB Cycles there is an obvious history and connection there. Now in its eighth year, we're stoked to see REEB continue to progress and have them as a client. Tim Moore is a hustling, selfless hard worker who has been with REEB for several years. He opened the full service bike shop at CyclHOPS while running REEB sales and genuinely helps people at every turn.

Fred Marmsater is a relatively new partner in the last few years that we met through the Ultimate Direction brand and his photography. Fred is a passionate hustler with the stokometer always pegged. Whether it's early mornings for sunrise photos or tackling the next hike a bike for the rad descent, Fred is up for it all while draining the post ride beer.

So why all the background? I'm not a writer and don't particularly want to be. But, I'm drawn to the opportunity to highlight the culture our friends and clients have been dedicated to building. The shared moments of these adventures make me feel most alive and have taught me much about myself and who I want to be.

Well, that was a long introduction. Pitter patter, lets get at er...grab a beer and get "Off the Keyboard, into the Sawatch." That was a link, click that.


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