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Indeed Brewing Company Builds on Its Milwaukee Brewery Success, Expanding Distribution in Wisconsin

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, April 2021: Indeed Brewing Company, headquartered in Minneapolis, has grown its presence in Wisconsin steadily since late 2017 when it started self distributing in the Milwaukee and Madison area. Its success in building relationships and seeing Flavorwave and Mexican Honey Light resonate with consumers helped lead to the decision to open a second taproom and pilot brewery in Milwaukee.

With a goal of expanding its reach across Wisconsin, Indeed Brewing Company is adding distribution to grocery store chains and convenience stores. Flavorwave IPA and Mexican Honey Light American Lager are being positioned to be more widely available to consumers with doubled points of distribution this year. Both beers have proven to be a go-to choice for craft beer drinkers in Wisconsin for their exciting flavor while maintaining sessionability and an accessible price point.

“Flavorwave and Mexican Honey Light were immediate hits when we opened the Milwaukee taproom in 2019,” says Sales Director Ryan Bandy. “These beers have gained a steadfast following, and now we’re doubling our points of distribution to make them more ubiquitous.”

Over the last three years, Flavorwave has doubled in volume each year without adding different pack-types and is poised to be up 100 percent again in 2021 with added chain distribution. Mexican Honey Light has become Indeed’s second best-selling brand behind Flavorwave and will be slotted alongside Flavorwave in many sets. The lighter version of Mexican Honey Imperial Lager has gained a following in Wisconsin for its unique take on a lower ABV, low-calorie light beer.

“We’re excited for these beers to be more available for consumers at the places that they most frequently shop,” says Milwaukee Sales and Marketing Manager Jeff Gray. “It gives us the chance to continue making Flavorwave and Mexican Honey Light a common Wisconsin fridge beer. Pair your lawn-mowing New Balances with a Mexican Honey Light!”

The popularity of Flavorwave prompted distributors to request that the tropical and juicy IPA be packaged in 19.2-ounce cans. The cans, which feature a minimalized design, will be a staple in all Kwik Trip locations.

“It’s really cool to see our 19.2 next to Bell’s Two Hearted and Lagunitas in Kwik Trip,” says Bandy. “We’re proud and humbled to be existing on the same level as some of these bigger craft breweries, and seeing not only how much the industry has grown, but how we’re growing right there with it.”


About Indeed Brewing Company

At Indeed Brewing Company, we’re cultivating an artfully eclectic line-up of beers from the heart of Northeast Minneapolis and our new home in the Walker’s Point neighborhood of Milwaukee. Indeed’s diverse offerings are anchored by its flagship Day Tripper Pale Ale, driven by new hits like Flavorwave IPA and Mexican Honey Light, and elevated by its Wooden Soul series of wild, sour, and barrel-aged beer. Well-known as an engaged and community-oriented brewery, Indeed’s taprooms are warm, welcoming, and home to Indeed We Can, the company’s employee-driven charitable giving program, which donates 100% of taproom net profits to an employee-sponsored local nonprofit every Wednesday of the year. Indeed believes innovation isn’t just one thing—it’s a culture created around good people, good beers, and good experiences. Join them in the pursuit of what’s good. There’s more to explore at

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