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Colorado-based Stuvz Launches Next Generation Hand Sanitizer

Beyond-safety brand delivers enhanced user experience with premium ingredients, elevating health and wellness and a commitment to paying it forward

Longmont, Colorado, Jan. 14, 2021 — A new hand health and safety product hits shelves this month from Colorado-based wellness company Stuvz. The liquid foaming sanitizer is made with premium ingredients, including hyaluronic acid and jojoba esters, leaving hands hydrated, replenished, and smooth after each use.

Stuvz wasn’t started in spite of a pandemic. Rather, the concept was developed as a response to it. “When times are tough I rely on the principles my mom, Yaya, instilled in me: Keep my family safe. Be resourceful. Find a way to help your community,” says Stuvz founder Dale Katechis.

The name Stuvz was inspired by Katechis’s son, Pate, and his high school t-shirt printing company by the same name. As a family endeavor, the Stuvz brand works to make connections with our loved ones safer and to make a positive impact. “I was tired of seeing the direction things were going in the world,” Katechis continued. “I wanted to find a way to light a fire and spark some positivity.”


In 2020, more than 200 hand sanitizer brands were recalled for a litany of health and safety issues. Trust and efficacy in the product continues to be a concern, alongside some of the unpleasant effects that come from extended use of existing hand sanitizers: dry and cracked skin, unpleasant odors, and sticky residue.

“I was also really tired of the way hand sanitizer was damaging my hands. They smelled terrible, felt worse, and it felt like a crap shoot if the stuff was even reliable,” Katechis continued. “Stuvz not only improves the health of my hands and protects my family, it’s an opportunity for me to launch a company with my family, and to generate a positive outcome from a negative situation.”

Stuvz is FDA registered, made in the USA, and with 62% ethyl alcohol, meets the Center for Disease Control’s recommended concentration. It distinguishes itself from other brands by its use of premium ingredients normally found only in higher-end beauty and wellness products and its appealing liquid foam pump delivery.


  • HYALURONIC ACID - Top dermatologist-recommended ingredient in skin care products. Hydrates by binding water to skin cells. Fortifies skin, protecting the body from harmful toxins. Brightens, tightens, and smoothens the skin for a younger, healthier appearance.

  • JOJOBA ESTERS - Reduces dryness that leads to flaky, rough, splitting skin. Antioxidant that protects skin and seals in moisture for lasting hydration. Diminishes fine lines and increases firmness to fight skin aging.

  • LAVENDER OIL - Subtle scent masks unpleasant alcohol odor without overpowering or lingering. The widely appealing essential oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Naturally promotes calmness and relaxation.

  • LIQUID FOAM PUMP - Delivers a silky and quickly absorbed experience. None of the residual stickiness left behind by gel-based products. Foaming pump provides great value, generating 3 times more uses than gel-based sanitizer.


Made and sold in the USA, Stuvz’s hand sanitizer was created with the mission to make our communities and our connections with others safer. A critical component of the true family brand is their dedication to supporting those in need such as non-profits, teachers associations, emergency services, and everyday individuals who could use a hand.

These philanthropic endeavors are part of their StuvzLuvz Initiative. The first effort took place on Dec. 18, 2020, when Katechis dropped off 400 bottles of hand sanitizer to Boulder Community Hospital.

“Philanthropy is a core pillar of Stuvz, and our guerilla-style approach to charity manifests via spontaneous acts of kindness for deserving people and groups. No qualifiers, no agenda, no bias. Just spreading the love via good old fashioned Stuvz,” says Katechis.

To purchase 5.7 fl oz bottles ($15) and sign up for a no-hassle monthly delivery of Stuvz hand sanitizer, visit

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About Stuvz

Founded in 2020, wellness company Stuvz was created to protect families and strengthen communities. As the first product launched by the company, Stuvz’s FDA registered hand sanitizer comes with benefits that help people. For users, it offers protection, hydration, softening, and a light fragrance that protects against germs. For the community, a portion of sales from every bottle sold go directly to support those in need. To purchase Stuvz hand sanitizer by the bottle or to subscribe for monthly shipments, visit


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