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COLLABORATION (1 of 3): Video Production

As Turn It Up Media ventures into the creative spaces we have to give props where they are due. We are thankful to work with talents new and old and look forward to adding something unique and perfect for your story.

In this 3-part series we will highlight key partnerships with creatives; this first edition we’ll dive into videographers, followed by photographers and then graphic designers we’ve enjoyed working with over the years.

As we develop signature campaigns and strategic content we are fueled by the creativity and skill of our trusted partners and friends. Trust that has been built on 4 a.m. wake up calls and warm coffee in frosty tents, efforts that capture the spark and emotion of the moment. In the creative process chemistry truly matters, as the content must trigger an emotional response and convey a brand story in an instant.

Emily Sierra Photography and the Proper Films crew

We started working with Proper Films before it was Proper, Josiah and Marily have produced over 150 videos. Over a 7+ year working relationship of story-boarding, pre-production planning, script writing, shooting and editing they've developed a chemistry that makes the process extremely efficient, getting the right shot the first time! Their work demonstrates flow and a narrative unique to each product. They’ve produced a vast amount of content from info-merical airbed videos, product launches to rad vibe reels. Take a gander at a few of their projects.

Wenzel Tent & Gear Co. #campswagger

Slumberjack: DST Camo Launch #DSTcamo

Serta Airbeds: NeverFLAT Fabric Story

Working with folks who dabble in a little of everything from still to motion picture is a treat, Dustin with Clearfork Collective and Outback Outdoors is handy with a camera, at the editing desk or chasing the sun for the perfect time-lapse. Over the years we’ve put together some pretty neat concepts, product videos and sizzle reels.

We have played in the woods on numerous occasions and developed a solid working relationship. Working on creative briefs to picking the right music etc. all to capture the right vibe through video and photography.

Stay tuned for our next blog installation highlighting some amazing photographers in the biz. In the meantime chew on this sizzle reel...a collaboration of Outback Outdoors and Proper Films work filmed at the base of Rabbit Ears pass.


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