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Celebrate Wisconsin-Made Beer and Food at the 2023 Wisconsin Beer Lovers Festival on June 17

Assembly Bill 304 and its proposed adjustments to Wisconsin's 3-tier alcohol system are a huge win for our state's 250+ craft brewers. The bill's unprecedented progress comes following a 5+ year educational effort led in large part by the Wisconsin Brewers Guild and its mission to protect and advance Wisconsin's independent craft brewing industry.

The bill is broadly a huge win for the Guild's members of craft breweries from across Wisconsin and all other small producers of beer, wine, and spirits. "With additional retail options, a deeper clarification of industry regulations, and the introduction of dedicated DOR staff, the alcohol industry in Wisconsin will simultaneously thrive and be more responsible from the improved and more consistent enforcement of better law."

According to Zak Koga, Vice President of the not-for-profit Wisconsin Brewers Guild and co-founder of Madison's Karben4 Brewing, "If this bill passes it will be a compromise, but we will still be celebrating."

As you cover the impacts of the Alcohol Modernization Act on the state, we'd love to invite you to meet with our board and members to discuss the path to get here and the ongoing impacts on craft breweries state-wide.

JUNE 17 - This weekend, craft beer enthusiasts can support the Guild at its annual fundraiser, the Wisconsin Beer Lovers Festival, in support of nonprofit's mission to help continue progressing laws that protect the industry and the breweries we love, like what is playing out in the state legislature this week.

"This beer festival is exactly the type of thing that helps us fund the effort to fight these legislative issues over time," said Koga.

Craft beer enthusaiasts across Wisconsin are invited to join us in Glendale this weekend June 17 for the festival to taste more than 100 craft beers. We'd love for you to join to learn more about the $2.4 Million economic impact of Wisconsin's 250 craft breweries and how brewers will be affected.


Celebrate Wisconsin-Made Beer and Food at the 2023 Wisconsin Beer Lovers Festival on June 17

WHAT: Calling all beer enthusiasts! Back by popular demand, the Wisconsin Brewers Guild is thrilled to present the 2023 Wisconsin Beer Lovers Festival in partnership with BAYSHORE and Welcome to Glendale. Register today to sample more than 100 craft beers!

Tickets are available now for the festival, which will feature craft beer tastings from over 50 Wisconsin breweries in a unique outdoor setting at Bayshore in Glendale on Saturday, June 17.

As the premier beer and food tasting event of the summer, the Wisconsin Beer Lovers Festival celebrates Wisconsin-made beer, food samples from local restaurants and cuisine partners. There will also be local food trucks, live bands and more! The live music lineup kicks off with Joe 2.0 at 12 pm, and V Funk will rock the stage from 2:30 - 5 pm. Stay in select Glendale hotels and enjoy free shuttle service to and from the event.

The 2023 Wisconsin Beer Lovers Festival directly benefits the Guild and its ongoing mission to protect and advance independent craft beer in our state.

WHERE: BAYSHORE, 5800 N. Bayshore Drive, Glendale, WI

WHEN: Saturday, June 17, 1-5 pm (VIP admission begins at 12 pm)

TICKETS: Tickets are available online now at

WHY: 100% of the net proceeds from the Wisconsin Beer Lovers Festival will benefit the Wisconsin Brewers Guild, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and advancing Wisconsin's independent craft brewing industry. By uniting small and independent brewers across the state, the Guild has a stronger voice that aims to educate policy makers at the state and federal level about the industry and promote legislation that will allow the craft brewing industry to thrive.

As of 2021, there were nearly 250 craft breweries in the state of Wisconsin, producing over 1 Million barrels of beer every year (that’s more than 267.5 Million pints)! Wisconsin’s small and independent craft breweries have an annual impact of $2.4 Million, providing thousands of jobs and supporting our communities in invaluable ways.

About Welcome to Glendale

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