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Brand Authenticity: What's in a Name

In the early 80's, Chad Melis (Turn It Up Media Co-Founder), accompanied his grandpa Allen on a carpentry job in an old barn in Elkhart Lake, WI. They were building a large walk in stereo room for a radio and sound connoisseur. Part of getting paid for the job was a cherry 1941 Philco 41-280 radio. The radio was something the family listened to while visiting his grandparents’ house. Music and concerts played a big role in Chad’s life and when grandpa Allen passed away in 2017, he wanted Chad to have the radio. Today, it is a centerpiece of the Melis home and a motivating factor in what has become Turn It Up Media. Authenticity is at the core of everything we do at Turn It Up Media. It will allow your brand to stay consistent and true while amplifying your story above the noise and clutter of today's crowded market.

📷 Jeremy Farmer


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