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Arryved Launches New Customizable Ecommerce Platform: Arryved Online

Arryved Online Debuts Branded Stores for To-go and On-premise Ordering

Boulder, Colo., Oct. 15, 2020 — Arryved, the leading point of service (POS) platform serving the craft beverage industry, launches Arryved Online, a new ecommerce solution that allows craft beverage and experience-based venues to create custom branded online stores and sell their products online for curbside, to-go, home delivery and on-premise table service. Arryved Online is available now. Learn more at

As the craft beverage industry has seen fundamental changes to business operations in 2020, and revenue streams from online and touchless orders have increased substantially, Arryved debuts its new comprehensive ecommerce platform to better equip businesses to serve changing consumer behavior. Arryved Online complements the company’s POS solution to meet the needs of breweries and non-production businesses in the beverage industry, including restaurants, music venues, bars, bowling alleys, and other experiential venues.

Arryved Online Features

Fully branded store: Arryved Online is a branded and customizable platform that allows businesses to present online ordering as a seamless feature of their web experience. Businesses are encouraged to use their logos, colors, and imagery throughout their store to highlight their carefully crafted brand.

Minimal overhead fees: By integrating with Arryved POS, merchants can access all sales data and reporting, manage inventory, and track and print orders in the same place as their on-premise operations. Because the ecommerce platform is an added product that works directly with Arryved POS, there are no additional charges. Merchants pay only for credit card processing fees.

Safer and smarter ordering: Featuring multiple ordering modalities, Arryved Online allows customers to order online for curbside pickup, to-go pickup, home delivery, or on-premise table service. Customers can order from their own mobile devices while on-premise, and merchants access the orders from POS tablets and/or directly from their printers.

Getting its start as a POS provider for the craft beer industry, Arryved’s solutions are nimble and tailored to the changing needs of service- and experience-based businesses. Since March, when COVID-19’s effects sent shock waves through the US, Arryved’s development team has worked diligently to provide the safety of touch-free ordering, mobile payment, and online ordering to boost sales for customers in the craft beverage industry and beyond. Arryved quickly pushed a beta version of Arryved Online in April 2020, and the platform became a critical solution for taprooms who were no longer able to sell on-premise due to government-mandated shutdowns. Since the launch of the beta version, as much as 20 percent of revenue generated by Arryved’s customers has come from the use of online and mobile app ordering, equating to roughly $1.5 million in transactions per month during the height of the COVID-19 shutdown.

“We needed to launch an ecommerce platform in April quickly, and our customers have let us know that their online stores launched on that platform helped keep their doors open during a difficult year,” says Arryved CEO David Norman . “We’ve seen businesses have unprecedented success with online ordering, so we want to continue to build the momentum of this new revenue stream for the industry with Arryved Online.”

Arryved continues to evolve its solutions to reflect the needs of the craft beverage and experience-based industries. The new Arryved Online solution is available now and features elevated design elements, improved stability, and the ability to support high-traffic orders.

Arryved’s point-of-service solution focuses on mobility, simplifying solutions for customer-focused services like splitting and merging checks, customizable digital menus, managing with network outages, and better tracking tools to create the best guest experience possible. For more information, business owners and managers should visit

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About Arryved

Founded in 2016, Boulder, CO based Arryved, Inc. is a point-of-service based software company specializing in the craft beverage service industry: breweries, cideries, distilleries, wineries, brewpubs, and non-brewery taprooms. In four short years we’ve grown from being an idea on a taproom coaster, to a revered platform serving hundreds of satisfied accounts. We’re a team of tech geeks with relentless passion for, and extensive experience in, the craft beverage industry as both employees and consumers. Our goal is simple: deliver a flexible, reliable, team-centric platform that puts service first in every way. Evolve the archaic Point of Sale system from being a much-maligned obstacle into a flexible Point of Service tool that elevates guest experiences, fosters enhanced server relationships, and provides owners and managers with robust and easily digestible insight to make informed decisions. For more information visit

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