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We worked with Eric Kean and Sam Scruby to uncover the foundational roots that directed MainStage Brewing’s look, tone, and feel.  We brought MainStage's inspirational story to life with intentionality as we created the brand's logo marks and key assets. The black and gold color palette was inspired by the friends' alma mater, the University of Colorado.  The dual stage lights highlight the buddies' love of live music and commitment to MainStage being a reputable venue. Further, the lights represent the views of two of the most prominent peaks in nearby Rocky Mountain National Park, Longs Peak and Mt. Meeker, which can be seen from the brewery's patio.  They also symbolize the two pristine waterways (the North and South St. Vrain rivers) spawned by the park's glaciers, whose confluence is found yards from MainStage's front door in the small mountain town of Lyons, Colo.  Similarly, the rays of the stage lights intermingle, symbolizing how Sam and Eric have embraced their goal of building community by providing fantastic beer, great music, and a place for people to come together.  


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