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Our story with Mark and Jesse Sommers, father-son owners of Berthoud Brewing Company began with an ask for some new packaging designs. We took a step back and helped them develop newfound confidence and control in a reimagined brand - one that more accurately and authentically represents their brewery’s values and style. We took those learnings to inform not only the revised logo, but the inspiration for packaging, intentional imagery, Go To Market materials, media relations, and retail programming.

Once we completed the Brand Development and Content Creation phases, which included a comprehensive rebranding, we leveraged these assets in phase three, creating sales tools, POS, and Go To Market campaigns. We used a combination of printed sales assets and programming to support distribution and retail efforts. We developed a community-activated philanthropy campaign with the Berthoud Adaptive Park Project Fundraiser, which took place in the brewery’s home market and brought on Overland Expo and Rossmonster as partners for an experiential retail program that offered a lifestyle experience sweepstakes. Both campaigns created authentic messaging that aligned with Berthoud’s brand and sales goals. The program allowed the sales team to leverage points of distribution by featuring POS at sampling opportunities, cross-promotion, and sweepstakes email collection while increasing sales velocity.


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