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Wisconsin Events: Canndigenous' CBD Bud Bar

Hemp-loving party and wedding planners in Wisconsin have a new nonalcoholic bar option for their events: Canndigenous’ Bud Bar.

Canndigenous is the first Native American-owned CBD hemp company in Wisconsin and offers locally grown, organic CBD produced with a commitment to natural, transparent, and sustainable practices.

A mobile bar serving CBD-only cannabis strains, the Bud Bar offers a unique experience for guests and can be customized to fit the needs of every event. Headed up by a cannabis expert (or budtender), the Bud Bar is fully equipped to share the fun of cannabis with all event attendees regardless of experience level.

As an all-in-one solution setting the stage for any get-together, Canndigenous’ Bud Bar provides an elevated experience that is perfect for weed lovers and for event planners looking for nonalcoholic open bar options for sober-curious parties.

Interviews: We’d love to connect you with Rob Pero, the owner and founder of Canndigenous, and Lindsay Wehmeyer, who heads up the Bud Bar, to learn more and to check it out.


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