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Helping Clients Define & Tell Their Story

Turn It Up Media has a new client in a new industry - counseling and therapy. The Kali Institute has a unique approach to mental health. As TIUM dove into helping this company tell their story and reach their target audience we were tasked with launching a local press campaign. As we gathered our thoughts, researched the industry and developed the strategy - it be came very clear to us that what they are doing is something that would and can help everyone. Quickly this became a passion project. When you have true buy in, it is easy to find a hook and share the gospel. Stay tuned as we further develop their positioning and communications strategy, for now noodle on this company trend piece.

Traditional Therapy Gets A Makeover

Move Over Classic Therapy - There’s A Disruptive Style of Practice In Town

and It Comes With A Yoga Mat And Wifi.

Who doesn’t want to tap into their inner badass and live a happier more fulfilling life? That is exactly what Erin (LPC, EMDR Cert, HTP) and Crystal (LPC, RYT, RCYT, EMDR CIT) are doing that is revolutionizing therapy. When they started their practice; The Kali Institute, almost 3 years ago they didn’t want to be a typical counseling office, they wanted to truly connect and enrich people's lives in a modern way. They are doing just that by offering a diverse range of services via in person one-on-one sessions, group yoga classes, acupuncture and digital and remote webinars. “Therapy” today looks a lot different than it did 30 years ago, and it doesn’t have the same stigma. Current reports reveal that millennials are open and proud to invest time and energy into seeing a therapist. It isn’t seen as a weakness but rather a strength.

Today’s modern approach is more engaging than laying on a couch and talking about your problems; you dive into techniques to relieve stress, tap into your intuition, work on yoga and breathing techniques to address anxiety.“Millennials have a more open and broad understanding of health in which they include the body, mind, and spirit and are more open to other types of therapies beyond typical talk therapy. They want to see and experience real change, and respond to body based and researched approaches like Peak Performance and EMDR.” says Co-owner Crystal Hines, LPC, RYT, RCYT, EMDR CIT

The Kali Institute provides professional services rooted in science and reality, that are whole person focused, and on the edge of mainstream. They are the bridge between traditional therapy and life coaching. Kali’s goal is to be approachable and relatable with beLive webinars and interactive Facebook live topics like, “7 Tips For Dealing with Toxic Stress At Work” and “How to Handle Feelings of Depression and Anxiety Brought on by News and Current Events.” Kali leverages modern technology and techniques making it easier and more accessible to address mental health needs.

In this day and age the need to help people process trauma and stress is at an all time high. Being able to reach people via different avenues than the past is crucial. At the end of the day, it is about making ongoing and lifelong progress to living your best life.

ABOUT KALI: Pursuing big goals and getting the most out of life isn’t always easy. Sometimes even when you have the desire and vision to go after what you want it is hard to navigate life’s challenges, make good choices and keep taking powerful action. That is where the Kali Institute comes in.They support high achieving professionals, athletes, creative visionaries and other people on a mission to get unstuck and joyfully release their inner badass. They offer powerful therapies that connect the brain, body, heart and mind and help you to release the pains and traumas that may be holding you back.


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