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CANNABIS POLICY SUMMIT: Indigenous Cannabis Industry Association Launches This Month

Ahead of the National Cannabis Fest and Policy Summit this week, founder of the first Native American-owned hemp company in Wisconsin Rob Pero is preparing the launch of his latest initiative to amplify the voices of the Indigenous community in the US - the Indigenous Cannabis Industry Association.

Rob’s background as a hemp producer, apothecary owner (in addition to the organic hemp farm Canndigneous, he owns the Ripley Green retail store in Cambridge, Wisc.) and marketing pro (he does Native-led diversity consulting on top of normal agency work at his firm Perodigm), uniquely positions him to do advocacy work that is effective and drives real change in cannabis nationwide.

Indigenous people bring cultural perspectives that are uniquely qualified to add value to the conversation around sustainability and agriculture in cannabis, but are largely underrepresented. Rob is launching the ICIA (Indigenous Cannabis Industry Assoc) to promote the exploration, development, and advancement of the cannabis industry by and for the benefit of all Indigenous communities.

MEET ROB IN DC: Rob will be in Washington DC on April 22-23 and would love to schedule a time to meet with you to discuss the ICIA and his work in Wisconsin. This week is an exclusive opportuity to meet with Rob Pero to discuss the launch of the ICIA before an offical press announcement later this month.

Please let me know if we can get on your schedule this week in DC to speak with Rob and learn more. Thank you!

Happy 420,



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