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Arryved Delivers Hands-Free Beverage Point Of Sale App & Online Ordering In COVID-19 Response

Rapid Deployment, Touchless Experience Gives High-Demand Solutions to Aid Craft Beverage Survival

Boulder, Colo., April 1, 2020 – Demonstrating their commitment to tirelessly supporting and servicing their craft beverage industry partners, Arryved, Inc. has begun deploying a consumer-facing mobile app and rapidly developing online stores enabling local taprooms and tasting rooms to stay open for pick-up or delivery via completely touch-free transactions. With health and safety at a premium, and sweeping rule and regulation changes imposed in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, local businesses are facing the difficult choice of pivoting or shuttering.

“It’s a new world for all of us, and what we experienced through conversations with our clients and friends was that the ordering and payment processes were creating a breach in physical distances and contact. In order to restore faith and secure confidence we had to develop tools that insured the health and well-being of our customers and their guests,” said Arryved Chief Growth Officer Nancy Trigg. “We paused everything we were doing and focused solely on bridging this commerce-contact gap, or in this case, found a way to put safe barriers up rather than breaking them down.”

Heeding the call for help, Arryved developers halted all projects and went to work on an app and ordering options that eased consumer concerns, adhered to regulations, and created the opportunity for their accounts to continue safe operations.

Arryved accomplished in ten days what commonly takes nine months or more to complete. Developing a secure, stable, intuitive app, in addition to online stores, is a highly complex and time intensive undertaking, requiring immense technical attention to detail as well as deep awareness of user preferences and tendencies, thus making the timeliness of their launch all the more impressive. “It’s a testament to the tireless passion, talent, and commitment to teamwork we have here,” shared Trigg. “I’m incredibly proud of our team and the product they’ve put out. It’s an honor to be a part of something that is helping our clients and friends survive in this time of crisis.”

The app and online stores provide critical solutions in easily navigable environments that seamlessly integrate with accounts already using the Arryved platform, all free of charge. For small businesses implementing online ordering and payment portals can be expensive and obtuse endeavors, but with COVID-19, they have become a necessity in maintaining zero-contact, safe distance transactions, and in many cases, too great a challenge to overcome.

Trigg cited Arryved’s commitment to basing client relationships on community and authenticity when explaining their decision to offer up products like this at no additional cost, “It’s in everyone’s best interest to band together and support the small businesses and employees who operate such significant roles in their communities. They have played a huge part in delivering products and supporting events that generate the character and identity of, and pride in, the places we call home.”

With 130 customers utilizing the app and 175 deploying online ordering (and many using both), Arryved’s rapid response has already enabled accounts to stay open and keep employees on payroll. Both opportunities are currently available to 100% of their clients, thus creating vital opportunities for hundreds more small businesses and the thousands of their employees. The app and online stores empower consumers to securely and safely access the fresh beer and spirits they crave, and to support the local establishments they love. And it creates the opportunity for accounts to deliver even greater levels of cleanliness and peace of mind at a time when the demand for both is at a premium.

“I say it to our customers all the time, that’s why we chose Arryved in the first place,” shared Woody Boese, Taproom Manager for Lafayette, CO’s Odd13 Brewing. “We’ve been able to move and adapt to the time only because of how fluidly Arryved responded to what was happening.”

For information on Arryved’s offerings, and specifically their touch-free solutions, CLICK HERE


About Arryved

Founded in 2016, Boulder, CO based Arryved, Inc. is a point-of-service based software company specializing in the craft beverage service industry: breweries, cideries, distilleries, wineries, brewpubs, and non-brewery taprooms. In four short years we’ve grown from being an idea on a taproom coaster, to a revered platform serving hundreds of satisfied accounts. We’re a team of tech geeks with relentless passion for, and extensive experience in, the craft beverage industry as both employees and consumers. Our goal is simple: deliver a flexible, reliable, team-centric platform that puts service first in every way. Evolve the archaic Point of Sale system from being a much-maligned obstacle into a flexible Point of Service tool that elevates guest experiences, fosters enhanced server relationships, and provides owners and managers with robust and easily digestible insight to make informed decisions. For more information visit


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