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Turn It Up Media provided content development services to Softopper, a leading manufacturer of high-quality truck bed accessories. Our team executed photography and video content to showcase Softopper's products in the best possible light in all seasons – rain, snow, and shine. Creating content in all seasons gave us a great set of visuals to support the Softopper tagline, "We've got you covered." 


Lifestyle photography

From capturing lifestyle shots to product demonstrations, we created engaging photography content that resonated with Softopper's target audience. Softopper's products are designed to enhance the outdoor lifestyle of truck owners, and lifestyle photography can help communicate that message. By featuring their products in real-world settings, Softopper can show customers how their products can help them enjoy outdoor activities like camping, off-roading, and more.


Alongside each photoshoot, we executed video content to support Softopper's social media advertising efforts. Video allowed us to really show how the Softopper works, where people use them, and why the product is a great addition to your truck. The resulting content was utilized in advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, generating impressive results and driving meaningful engagement.


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