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James & James Expands Retail Footprint In a New Partnership with Eagle Rock Distributing Company

The first craft sparkling beverage made with hand-harvested hemp is now available across Colorado

Longmont, Colo., April 28, 2022 -- James & James, the bottled hemp seltzer made with full spectrum, hemp flower-derived CBD extract, is now available across Colorado, thanks to a new partnership with Eagle Rock Distributing Company.

James & James launched in June 2021 as the first craft sparkling beverage made with in-house Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Extract. Each 12 oz glass bottle of James & James features 25mg of CBD sourced from its parent company CFH, Ltd.’s Colorado farm.

CFH is a vertically integrated, Colorado-based CBD bioscience company and USDA Certified Organic hemp farm founded in 2014. By hand-harvesting flower, CFH leaves out the unwanted fats, waxes and chlorophylls that exist in the stalks, stems and leaves of the plant before use. This increases the efficacy of the CBD extract used in James & James by preserving the delicate trichomes where the vast majority of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids reside. Hemp grown on CFH’s Colorado farm and used to make the CBD extract in every bottle of James & James is non-GMO and pesticide and herbicide free.

The move to widen distribution through a partnership with Eagle Rock positions the brand for continued growth.

“Eagle Rock is the perfect partner for our next phase of James & James growth, as we move from test market to full expansion,” says David Knight, chief beverage officer of CFH and James & James. Our CBD seltzer is complementary to their non-alcoholic portfolio and growth strategy, and we look forward to working with such a great beverage team.”

James & James craft sparkling hemp beverages are available to purchase online nationwide and in select retail stores throughout Colorado and Wyoming in two flavors: Cucumber Mint and Cherry Vanilla. Both flavors are carbonated, light and refreshing with the subtle touch of earthy hemp, contain less than 0.3 percent THC and are naturally alcohol-free, caffeine-free, gluten-free and contain zero calories, sugars or carbs.

“We are excited to distribute James & James in Colorado, as the brand has quickly emerged as the number-one selling CBD beverage in the liquor store channel. CBD seltzers are a fast growing segment, with consumers using them as a non-alcoholic alternative as well as a great mixer for an easy and refreshing CBD cocktail,” says Steve Economos, CEO of Eagle Rock Colorado.


About CFH, Ltd.

CFH, Ltd. was founded by James Ott and Ian James in 2014 as a Colorado-based, vertically integrated CBD bioscience company. Today, CFH is a leading supplier of CBD nationwide. CFH is committed to producing the highest quality full spectrum CBD and proprietary hemp strains that maintain the natural balance and proportion of the cannabinoids and terpenes present in hemp plants to provide optimal health benefits and efficacy. For more information on CFH, visit

About James & James James & James was created in 2021 to honor a lost friend. In 2017, one of CFH, Ltd.’s founders, Ian James, lost an aggressive battle with colon cancer. James & James hemp seltzers are made from single-sourced hemp hand harvested on CFH’s Colorado farms. Designed to help individuals relax and rebuild, James & James allows the brain to wind down while supporting and accelerating the body’s natural ability to repair itself. James & James sparkling hemp beverages are best enjoyed chilled or as a mixer in a favorite cocktail to neutralize the free radicals that come from alcohol. Available in 12oz glass bottles at $4.99 and packs of four at $19.99, James & James can be purchased online nationwide and in select stores throughout Colorado, and Wyoming. To shop or for more information about James & James, visit

About Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock Distributing Company of Colorado is a family-owned full-service beverage distributor. We aim to challenge our passionate employees to use industry leading innovation and a world class portfolio in our delivery of excellent customer service. We continually strive to earn the right to your business.



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