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Costa Tequila Sales Tool Development

Short-turn, quick-to-market (QTM) brand launches have their own kind of playbook. Big agencies aren’t built for this kind of thing and don’t have the flexibility or point-of-impact audibles required to execute them. Turn It Up Media has enough QTM launches in our past to deserve a plaque on a wall somewhere, or maybe just a certificate for free drinks for life at some seedy dive bar. We’re good at this kind of thing. We’re even better when we have the chance to dig in, poke around, ask questions, and throw sh*t at the wall.

That said, we're happy to leverage Costa Tequila's existing brand story and materials to develop baseline Sales/Marketing support tools for the New York market. Good luck out there!


Materials Developed:

Brand Book (Print & Digital)

Product Sales Sheets (Configuration, Details, UPC, Pricing)

Costa Signature Cocktails

Poster Templates

Double-Sided Sampling Sheet

Table Tent

Shelf talkers


Social Media Headers & Event Templates



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