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Costa Tequila Continues to Innovate with the Release of a Premium Coffee Liqueur, Costa Café

Costa adds the latest product to its line-up, Costa Café, a tequila-based coffee liqueur

Florida - May 5, 2023 — Costa Tequila releases Costa Tequila Café, a new tequila-based coffee liqueur. Made with Blue Weber Agave and Mexican coffee beans, Costa Café (35% ABV) is a mild yet smooth offering featuring natural coffee flavors including caramel and vanilla. Costa Café can be prepared as a stand alone drink, served chilled or on the rocks, or included in a cocktail like a delicious espresso martini.

With continued investments in innovation and an evolving product lineup, the release of Costa Café showcases Costa’s adventurous spirit and the premiumization of tequila-based products in a changing beverage and spirits category.

“Tequila is growing as a segment. We have noticed consumers exploring different ways to create unique drinks that offer something other than the beloved margarita,” says Costa Tequila Founder Stephen Gavula III. “As our customers' pallets evolve, we need to do the same. There is currently not a wide variety of coffee-based tequilas on the market, Costa Cafe is a premium product that we find exciting, new and interesting.”

Costa, which launched in 2019 with a mission to redefine conventional tequila, is distributed in 12 states. In 2022, the company’s sales approached 16,000 cases, and has increased its points of distributions year over year.

As the makers of the first ‘Hi/Lo’ blend of tequila in the world, Costa Tequila offers a lineup of tequilas that intentionally bring together flavor profiles from 100% Blue Weber Agave sourced in two traditionally separate tequila regions in Jalisco, Mexico: “Los Altos” (the Highlands) and “Valle de Tequila” (the Lowlands).

“While Costa Café is different from our original ‘Hi/Lo’ blend of tequilas, it still offers the creativity that Costa is known for,” says Steve. “The natural sweetness of the agave pairs perfectly with the locally sourced beans, and together they create an unparalleled product.”

Costa Tequila’s lineup of Hi/Lo tequilas are now available at retail in 12 states and online nationwide. Find all varieties of Costa Tequila, Café ($28.99), Blanco ($36.99), Reposado ($39.99), and Añejo (SRP $56.99), at select retailers or order online at


About Costa Tequila

For Costa, the makers of the first ‘Hi/Lo’ blend of tequila in the world, the mission is simple: redefine conventional tequila. The unique Hi/Lo blend of Costa Tequila is made from 100% Blue Weber Agave plants sourced from two distinct locations: “Los Altos” (the Highlands) and “Valle de Tequila” (the Lowlands). While traditionally these two regions produce tequila separately, Costa’s Hi/Lo blends bring the unique flavor profiles of both regions together. Find all varieties of Costa Tequila, Café, Añejo, Blanco, and Reposado, at select retailers in Florida, Georgia, New York, Maryland, Missouri, South Carolina, Colorado, Washington D.C., West Virginia, Arizona, Tennessee, and Nebraska using the store locator or order online at



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