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COLLABORATION (2 of 3): Photography

A photograph has an immense amount of power and persuasion. In a split second it can stir up an old memory, trigger an emotion, evoke a feeling, thus capturing the right moment and vibe is the essence of any successful marketing campaign.

Which is why, in the second part of this three part series, we want to highlight a few of our photographer partners that we love to work with and believe are the best in the business. The ones who always produce digital gold, have perfect pixel alignment, are savvy with a lens and are also quick to edit and turn around while having fun and being a pleasure to work with. At TURN IT UP Media we direct and execute the shoot by writing the creative brief, outlining the shot list, gathering props, finding models, securing the location and delivering perfect results. Choosing the right photographer and sharing a vision is essential.

We have worked with many amazing talents, most recently with Emily Sierra. She is down to earth and listens to the vision and concept but also speaks up and makes great suggestions. She has a creative eye and you can trust that she'll get the shot. We have worked on a wide range of brands, all with a unique flavor and she is able to tune her style to match the brand. Here are a few stunner's from Wenzel, Slumberjack, Mandala Baby and Stonewear Designs projects we have recently collaborated on.

Shred Fred, also known as FRED MARMSATER is a handyman on a bike, trail or ski slope always with a lens hanging from his neck. My first solo shoot ever was with Fred for Ultimate Direction and it started at 4:30am after a beautiful dusting of snow. It was all very last minute, which is not ideal, but to get the shot ya gotta be quick on your feet. The photos were stunning because Fred is a YES kind of guy up for any challenge. He's the guy that gets the epic summit photo of the 100+ mile runner suffering in the rain because he is also an incredible athlete putting in the miles to get to the remote locations. He can hang in the steeps of Jackson Hole to the tops of any Colorado 14er; be it on a bike, skis or self-propelled. It is no wonder Fred's images have graced the cover of Trail Runner Magazine, Backcountry magazine and are always of the most iconic athletes in the field.

Ms. Ali V and I go back over a decade to our outdoor DIVA days, our first project was a bus/billboard campaign that we got to see speeding through Boulder for a season. She was also behind the lens capturing the night my husband and I met, to more recently snapping our engagement photos, as well as our newborn's first portrait.

Since then we have always tried to help each other out in the marketing world, we've gotten her into the OR show, hung off a boat together to capture the X2O water sports vibe, along with many other personal and professional projects. Ali has a casual and calm way about her that really helps put the subjects at ease. She can pull out the best in people and is a joy to work with. Her talents have allowed her to shoot all over the world for some of the most notable international brands.

Studio Photography

The authenticator.... Eddie Clark is the photographer that only snaps a few photos because he is always in the perfect spot, at the right time, with the correct gear; he has an eye for the best angle and waits for the key moment to take the perfect photo. Onset with Eddie ya might have concern that he's not shooting a ton of photos, but when you see the finished product you know he nailed it. That is why his photos have graced the cover of numerous magazines and he gets the action photos of athletes in their element. When you are photographing a live event or competition ya only get one shot. You can't say, hey can you do that race run again, lol.

Notice the dirt on everyones legs (below photo), the genuine smiles, the gear perfectly captured in the background or the water droplets on a can. Eddie is the detail master.

Promotional Collaboration with like minded partners. Photo Credit: Eddie Clark

Collaboration with talented folks makes everyone look good. From creative briefing to the final selects it is valuable to work with people whose company you enjoy as well as trust. Stay tuned for the 3rd installation of TURN IT UP Media's blog showcasing GRAPHIC DESIGNERS, more than just putting purdy pictures and text together.


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