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marily melis


President of Creative Services

As an engaging and energetic personality Marily has directed and been the spokesperson for over 200 product videos and photoshoots for more than a dozen brands. Over the last 10 years as the marketing director for brands like Sierra Designs, Kelty, Ultimate Direction, and SlumberJack.  She's worked on large professional sets to grass-roots backyard locations. She has directed everything from brand vibe videos, product videos to backpacking and camping tip tutorial videos for the Home Shopping Network, Amazon and Walmart, creating authentic and engaging online sales support and driving ROI in the competitive and cluttered modern digital sales environment.

Marily naturally takes charge to help direct and lead the creative process along. Her down-to-earth manner on camera and off can help break down a product review in a simple and concise manner.  She'll be the talent or find it, set location and logistics are her jam, and storyboarding and script writing her talent. Marily works closely with several production crews and will take charge of the creative process as a one-stop shop, executing your video or photo content needs on a concise timeline.  

Let Marily and Turn It Up Media understand your goals, create a scope of work and develop a one-stop creative solution to amplify your brand in today’s cluttered digital space.